N-Channel MOSFETs: OptiMOS™

With the wide portfolio of OptiMOS™ 20V – 250V products, Infineon set the benchmark in the industry. The leading on-state resistance RDS(on) and switching behavior reduce power losses and enable overall efficiency of 96%. With these products Infineon supports the market trend towards Energy Efficiency targets such as Energy Star® Diamond. OptiMOS™ technology enables for the first time very low RDS(on) values, required for high current applications in space saving packages such as SuperSO8, S3O8, CanPAK™, and the innovative Blade package which were previously only possible in bulky packages.

Infineon OptiMOS

Target Applications

  • Synchronous rectification in server and desktop
  • Motor drives
  • DC/DC converters

Product Features

  • World's lowest RDS(on)
  • Best switching performance
  • Very-low Qg and Qgd

Highest Efficiency in Switching Topologies

Infineon's OptiMOS™ Fast Diode (FD) product family offers the best reverse recovery behavior in the industry.

Thanks to the hard commutation optimized body diode (Fast Diode) the OptiMOS™ FD family provides Qrr optimized solutions for power system designers striving for the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

60% lower Qrr and 20% lower Irrm in Hard Commutation Applications

Compared to the next-best alternative devices, Infineon's OptiMOS™ FD products offer:

» The Industry's lowest RDS(on), up to 45% reduction

» The industry‘s lowest FOM, up to 65% reduction

» An overall efficiency improvement of up to 0.35% for 200V devices and 0.5% for 250V and an overshoot reduction up to 10V, compared to the previous generation.

Target Applications

  • Telecom DC/DC and AC/DC synchronous rectification
  • Class D audio amplifier
  • Motor control for 48-110 V systems
  • Industrial power supplies
  • DC/AC inverter

Key Benefits

  • Highest system reliability
  • System cost reduction
  • Highest efficiency and power density
  • Easy-to-design products
  • Suitable for high di/dt SMPS applications
V BR(DSS) 200V 200V 250V
Product Type IPB117N20NFD IPP120N20NFD IPP220N25NFD
DS(on) 11.7mΩ 12.0mΩ 22.0mΩ

Shrink Your Design and Boost Efficiency

OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V- Infineon's latest generation of OptiMOS™ 40V and 60V family is optimized for synchronous rectification in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) such as in servers and desktop PCs. These devices set the highest standards in power density and efficiency and reduce system costs at the same time. They are also a perfect choice for a broad range of industrial applications like motor control, solar micro inverter and fast switching DC/DC converters.

Target Applications

  • Synchronous rectification
  • Solar micro inverters
  • Isolated DC/DC converters
  • Low-voltage motor control

Product Features

  • Highest system efficiency and power density
  • Very-low voltage overshoot
  • Reduces the need for a snubber circuit
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Product Portfolio OptiMOS™ 40V and 60V

D2PAK 7 Pin
D2PAK 7 Pin
1-2 mΩ BSC016N06NS     IPI020N06N   IPB010N06N  
BSC014N06NS         IPB014N06N  
2-4 mΩ BSC028N06NS   IPP020N06N IPI029N06N IPB026N06N    
BSC039N06NS   IPP029N06N       IPD025N06N
4-6 mΩ   BSZ042N06NS IPP040N06N   IPB057N06N    
6-8 mΩ     IPP060N06N       IPD053N06N
1-2 mΩ BSC010N04LS            
2-3 mΩ   BSZ023N04LS          

*Monolithic integrated Schottky like diode

Demonstrating > 93% Efficiency in Voltage Regulation for Power Applications

OptiMOS™ 25V and 30V Product Family > 93% Efficiency in Voltage Regulation for Power Applications - With the latest generation of OptiMOS™ 25V and 30V product family, Infineon sets new standards in power density and energy efficiency for discrete power MOSFETs. The products are application-specific optimized for power supplies of servers, notebooks, telecom/datacom switches and others. Products with the highest efficiency across all load conditions in the smallest power packages give full flexibility in optimizing space-performance and cost.

Target Applications

  • On-board power for servers
  • Synchronous rectification
  • Power management for mobile computing

Product Features

  • Best-in-class on-state resistance
  • Benchmark switching performance due to lowest Figure of Merits
  • Low gate resistance
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Product Portfolio OptiMOS™ 25V and 30V

<1 mΩ BSC009NE2LS*      
1-1.5 mΩ BSC010NE2LS   BSB012NE2LX  
BSC010NE2LSI**   BSB013NE2LXI**  
1.6-2 mΩ BSC018NE2LSI** BSZ018NE2LSI**    
2.1-2.5 mΩ BSC024NE2LS      
3-4 mΩ BSC032NE2LS BSZ036NE2LS    
4.1-4.5 mΩ       BSF030NE2LQ
4.6-5.0 mΩ BSC050NE2LS      
5.6-6.0 mΩ   BSZ060NE2LS    
1-1.5 mΩ BSC011N03LS      
1.6-2 mΩ BSC0901NS BSZ019N03LS    
2.1-2.5 mΩ   BSZ0901NSI**    
2.6-3 mΩ BSC0902NS BSZ0902NS    
3.1-3.5 mΩ BSZ0902NSI**      
3.6-4 mΩ BSC0904NSI** BSZ0904NSI**    
5.1-5.5 mΩ BSC0906NS      
6.1-6.5 mΩ   BSZ065N03LS    
7-8 mΩ BSC0908NS      
>9 mΩ BSC0909NS BSZ0909NS    

Innovative Packaging for OptiMOS™ MOSFETs

SuperSO8/S3O8 – The Intelligent Way to Highest Efficiency and Power Density

SO8S308 Diagram

In applications like synchronous rectification in server and desktop, motor drives and DC/DC converters in telecom, high power density and high efficiency are the major driving factors. The trend set by Infineon to move from TO-220 to SuperSO8 in servers reduces the volume consumption drastically. With three times lower parasitics compared to TO-220, SuperSO8 offers the highest efficiency and lowest design efforts due to reduced spikes.


CanPAK™ – Best Thermal Behavior in a Tiny Footprint

CanPAK M and CanPAK S

CanPAK™ portfolio is the best fit for a broad number of industrial applications such as voltage regulator for servers, DC/DC converters in telecom, solar micro inverters and Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), low voltage drives and synchronous rectification a in server and desktop. With only a 31mm2 footprint, CanPAK™ M allows 79% space reduction in power components on the board compared to traditional D2PAK. In addition, the metal 'Can' enables double-sided cooling along with almost no package parasitic inductances, leading to higher systems efficiency.


Power Stage 3 x 3 and Power Stage 5 x 6 – Save Space, Minimize Losses, Boost Efficiency

Power Stage 3x3

Dual FET power stages in a single leadless SMD package integrate the low- and high-side MOSFET of a synchronous DC/DC converter into a 3 x 3 mm2 or 5 x 6 mm2 package outline. Designers are able to shrink their designs up to 85% by replacing two separate discrete packages such as SO-8 or SuperSO8 with this new package.

Both the small outline and the interconnection of the two MOSFETs within the package minimize the loop inductance which boosts efficiency. With the new OptiMOS™ technology, power stage 3 x 3 and power stage 5 x 6 achieve a peak efficiency of 93.5%. Power stage 3 x 3 can handle an application current up to 12, 5 A and power stage 5 x 6 up to 30 A.

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