Digi ConnectCore System-on-Modules

Digi International ConnectCore System-on-Modules will enable the rapid design and development of your connected product. Based on NXP i.MX application processors, ConnectCore provides a family of pin-compatible SOMs that provide complete support for processing display and networking requirements of your product.

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Unique Benefits of the Digi ConnectCore 8 Family

  • Maximum Reliability - ConnectCore SOMs are built with 100% industrial components for a 24/7/365 10-year duty cycle and standard -40 to 85C operating range. They are vibration and shock certified to IEC 50068-2 specifications. In addition to guaranteed long-term availability, ConnectCore is the only SOM on the market with a 3-year warranty.
  • Digi Microcontroller Assist™ - A patented subsystem on every ConnectCore, an MCU, secure element and other peripherals bring added functionality: watchdog for product recovery, ADC converters, integrated hardware security, and ultra-low power sleep mode with flexible wake functions.
  • Digi SMTplus® - A patented, flexible SOM form factor just 30x45mmx3.5mm for compact product designs. The dual footprint: edge connectors or LGA pads that expose all processor signals support a range of product designs, simple or extremely complex.
  • Digi TrustFence®- A complete, integrated hardware/software solution that enables integrated security in your next product. Digi’s security team monitors and updates for new security threats, protecting your customers through the entire lifecycle of your product.
  • Advanced Low-Power Operation –Complete support for implementing low-power modes. ConnectCore SOMs are perfect for mobile, battery-operated products, and the can reduce the power requirements of any products
  • Pre-certified wireless – 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5 with certifications for product shipments in North America, Europe and Japan. Additional support 802.11r fast roaming and 802.11h DFS for mobile applications, and leading edge WPA3 authentication and AES or TKIP encryption for wireless security. For cellular connectivity, pre-built C libraries speed the integration of Digi XBee® and other modems.  If needed, Digi Wireless Design Services provides expert assistance in bring your wireless product to market.
  • Digi Embedded Linux and Android extend the standard NXP BSP with advanced bootloaders, additional device drivers API extensions and middleware support. In addition to an outstanding development environment, highly detailed and clear documentation is available online.
  • Digi Remote Manager Is a pre-built console to configure, deploy and manage products build with ConnectCore SOMs. It also is ready-made to support data transfer to Microsoft Azure, Google AWS and other public or private clouds and remote applications.
  • Digi SMART IOMUX design tool creates the optimal ConnectCore pn selection and layout in a fraction of the time it takes for manual design, and even provides a Linux device tree to jump start software development.
  • Trusted Partner – Digi International headquarters are in the US with offices worldwide for sales and technical support. Founded in 1985 and traded on NASDAQ (DGII), Digi products have connected over 100 million devices.


Go to Market Smarter, Get to Market Faster

Getting to market with in-demand IoT applications requires embedded systems designed for rapid development, flexibility and scale, along with a complement of devices, tools, documentation and support.

The suite of Digi embedded systems is built for rapid development through a range of supporting tools, libraries, and content, as well as a built-in security framework. Choose from the range of our embedded system offerings depending on your application needs, or work with our wireless engineering experts to design, develop, certify, manufacture and deploy your IoT application.

Whether you want to build a smart cities application for municipal transportation, water management or city lighting, or you are designing a rideshare tracking and transaction system, or perhaps the next best thing in patient monitoring and precision care, turn to Digi embedded systems.

  • Designed for deployment in the most demanding applications
  • Pre-certified to expedite time-to-market
  • Well-supported with tools, code libraries, examples and documentation
  • Easy to deploy and built to stand the test of time

System-on-Modules and the Build vs. Buy Decision

While many companies present a Build vs. Buy analysis as a cost analysis, Digi recommends that you view the impact to profit – how much more money will your company make by getting to market faster, and how long will it take to make the same profit when you design ground up, with components and a wireless module on your board?

Digi’s Build vs. Buy Calculator lets you assess the impact a Digi wireless SOM can have on both your development costs and your company’s bottom line. It shows the financial value of getting your product to market faster.

Use the calculator to input your expected volume, the selling price of your product, the expected Digi module cost (wired or wireless) and your estimated material costs to duplicate the functionality of the module. The calculator will provide the time you would reach cost parity using the Digi module, and also the time to profit parity – the breakeven point when your own design would earn the same profit for your company as the design with the SOM.

It is important to consider this profit parity when making the Build vs. Buy decision. The risks of creating a complex design on your own include long development delays, complex technical problems that may be difficult to resolve, and completely missing the window of opportunity for your new product.

You can begin development immediately using Digi’s ConnectCore 6 featuring the NXP i.MX 6 processor. Development Kits are in stock at Digi-Key.

To order today click here: www.digikey.com/buynow

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NXP i.MX 8 ConnectCore SOM

Digi ConnectCore® 8X delivers a secure and cost-effective connected system-on-module platform that measures in at just 40 mm x 45 mm. The Digi SMTplus® surface mount form factor allows you to choose simplified design integration leveraging proven and easy-to-use edge-castellated SMT technology, or a versatile LGA option for ultimate design flexibility with access to virtually all interfaces.

Built on the NXP® i.MX 8X application processor

The module is the intelligent communication engine for today’s secure connected devices. Digi ConnectCore 8X can help jump-start the development of streaming video/audio devices, voice control and general human-machine interface solutions. With a multitude of high performance interconnecting options, including 1x USB 3.0 port, dual Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe 3.0, and pre-certified dual-band 2x2 MU-MIMO WLAN, ConnectCore 8X is ideal for developing a wide range of embedded and IoT applications.

Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro Development Kit

Digi ConnectCore® 8X SBC Pro development kit (CC-WMX8-KIT) delivers a powerful, secure and cost-effective single board computer with complete support for Linux® and Android™. Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro development kit reduces timeto-market by virtually eliminating the traditional risk, effort and complexity of custom board designs without sacrificing flexibility or capabilities. VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY ACROSS INDUSTRIES Streamline the process to design, build, test and deploy secure, industrial-ready products with the Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro development kit. A range of applications support healthcare, transportation, energy, utility, agricultural, building automation and other industrial markets. The compact form factor integrates an on-board dualband antenna option, USB connectivity and Digi XBee® RF connector. Additional features include cellular connectivity options, multi-display/camera and audio support, external storage and expansion connectors. Digi also offers optional services including cellular integration support, certification assistance and custom design services to get your product to market faster and smarter.

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NXP i.MX 6UL ConnectCore SOM

Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL system-on-module (SOM) is designed for a wide range of demanding applications with secure, pre-certified wireless connectivity in a simple, compact, low-profile, connector-less module.

  • NXP i.MX6UL, Cortex-A7 at 528 MHz
  • Up to 2 GB NAND flash and 1 GB DDR3
  • Compact, connector-less, low-profile surface mount (29X29 mm)
  • Pre-certified for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Secure, embedded Linux device software (Yocto 2.0 kernel)
  • Industrial temperature range performance
  • Wake-up and low power management
  • Digi SMTplus™ for LGA and castellated edge design flexibility
  • Digi TrustFence™ a complete embedded device security software framework

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Featured Development Kits

ConnectCore® 8X SBC Pro

Digi's industrial-grade production-ready Connectcore 8X Pro single board computer platform is powerful, secure, and cost effective

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ConnectCore® 8M Nano

This system-on-module, or SOM, integrates memory, power management, pre-certified wireless connectivity, and advanced device security with a complete, open-source Linux software platform.

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ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL

The ConnectCore for i.MX6UL Starter Kit provides a compact universal and powerful platform for your smart connected devices.

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Building Blocks for Embedded Security

Digi Trustfence® is available for use as part of all Digi ConnectCore Development Kits. While it is well-known today that security for connected devices is critical, and security breaches are occurring at epidemic proportions, many companies still fail to properly implement embedded security or make the right up-front design decisions. The issues stem from lack of knowledge about how to properly integrate security into design and present a multifaceted level of defense against intrusion. The largest enterprises often have dedicated security teams that are responsible for ensuring device security throughout the product lifecycle. But many smaller organizations don’t have this expertise in house, and may not even know how to approach device security, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. These companies are at the mercy of their collective suppliers’ security knowledge and implementation. This is where Digi TrustFence® comes into play.

70% of IoT Devices are Vulnerable to Attack*
Digi TrustFence is a device-security framework that simplifies the process of securing connected devices.

Built-in Security. Delivered.
Designed for mission-critical applications, Digi TrustFence® enables you to easily integrate device security, device identity, and data privacy capabilities into your product design. Digi TrustFence designs security into IoT devices that can grow and adapt with new and evolving threats.

Secure Boot
Programs and code running on the device are validated to be from an approved source or manufacturer.

Protected Hardware Ports
Internal and external I/O ports are hardened and access-controlled to prevent unwanted local intrusion.

Digi TrustFence provides data authentication and device identity management options. Furthermore, TrustFence ensures that products are not shipped with default user and password settings.

Secure Connections
Digi TrustFence utilizes the latest encryption protocols for data in motion and over-the-air (OTA) transmissions to ensure the integrity of data flowing across a network.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support
Digi provides ongoing threat measurement and monitoring services and performs external security audits and proactively communicates with customers regarding upcoming threats.



All ConnectCore SOMs include integrated Wi-Fi (902.11ac), Bluetooth 5, and cellular support through Digi’s XBee modules.    Wireless is pre-certified for deployment in multiple global regions, making it easy to achieve certifications needed for a final product.

Digi provides complete development support for both Embedded Linux and Embedded Android, with expanded BSPs, added tools and best-in-class documentation.  

In addition, Digi’s Trustfence® security solution enables the complete and continued protection of a connected device by not only providing the tools needed to design in solution from the start, but also publishing updates of new security threats as they are discovered.

The Digi ConnectCore family provides a best-in-class SOM solution to guarantee the successful development of your next connected product.