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This presentation will provide a brief overview of low power DC/DC conversion, with particular attention to monolithic DC/DC converters and linear regulators, which today cover more and more sockets in low power applications. Voltage regulator characteristics and power switching technologies will be discussed. The differences between PWM and PFM switching will be shown, and the STMicroelectronics solutions will be highlighted.
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ImagenNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónFunciónConfiguración de salidaCantidad disponible
IC REG BUCK ADJUSTABLE 1.5A 6DFNST1S03PURIC REG BUCK ADJUSTABLE 1.5A 6DFNReductorPositivo19501 - InmediataVer detalles
IC REG BUCK ADJ 700MA 8VFQFPNL5980TRIC REG BUCK ADJ 700MA 8VFQFPNReductorPositivo442 - InmediataVer detalles
IC REG BUCK ADJ 1A 8VFQFPNL5981TRIC REG BUCK ADJ 1A 8VFQFPNReductorPositivo3787 - InmediataVer detalles
IC REG BUCK ADJUSTABLE 2A 6DFNST1S09IPURIC REG BUCK ADJUSTABLE 2A 6DFNReductorPositivo2966 - InmediataVer detalles
IC REG BUCK ADJ 3A POWERSO-8ST1S10PHRIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A POWERSO-8ReductorPositivo12355 - InmediataVer detalles

Eval Boards

ImagenNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónUso principalSalidas y tipoCantidad disponible
BOARD EVAL PFC FOR L6564DEVL6564-100WBOARD EVAL PFC FOR L6564DCA/CC, del lado primario1, no aislado0Ver detalles
EVAL BOARD FOR ALTAIR05TEVLALTAIR05T-5WEVAL BOARD FOR ALTAIR05TCA/CC, del lado primario1 aislado0Ver detalles
PTM Published on: 2013-04-11