Board-ganizer Kit

Bud Industries' innovative enclosure allows the user to combine and mix boards without the need for additional hardware

Image of BUD Industries' Board-ganizer KitBud Industries' Board-ganizer is made of esthetically pleasing smoke colored ABS. The Board-ganizer is a unique workspace organizing platform designed to serve the rapidly growing community of electronics makers and developers.

As the cost of components keeps falling while capability is increasing, the Board-ganizer allows the user to assemble 3 PCBs and shields, in addition to a 600 tie point solderless Breadboard.

The innovative enclosure lets the user combine and mix boards with no need for additional hardware. The boards are attached using specially developed, adhesive-backed rubber feet.

The fold and flatten feature makes it possible to work on a project with the boards side by side so they can be connected and wired. When the project is ready, it can be rolled up into a compact 5" x 5" x 3.5" enclosure without undoing any of the wiring. View animation

  • DIY electronics
  • Robotics
  • BeagleBone projects
  • Arduino projects
  • Freescale Freedom board projects
  • Olimex projects
  • Mini PCB projects
  • Raspberry Pi projects

BG Board-ganizer

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BB-32621 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS 400 TIEBB-32621BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS 400 TIE10153 - Inmediata
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BC-32625 datasheet linkJUMPER WIRE BUNDLE 65PCSBC-32625JUMPER WIRE BUNDLE 65PCS1997 - Inmediata
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BB-32620 datasheet linkBREADBOARD SOLDERLESS 600TIEBB-32620BREADBOARD SOLDERLESS 600TIE634 - Inmediata
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BG-32618 datasheet linkBOX ABS SMOKE 5"L X 5"WBG-32618BOX ABS SMOKE 5"L X 5"W18 - Inmediata
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Publicado: 2013-06-17