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JohnDavis asked Electronic Sensors/Devices That Go Into Your Body

"Another common example I can think of are pacemaker, which is pretty cool if you think about a device regulating heartbeats. I've also read"

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4 days ago
JohnDavis asked Graphical Representation of Commutation

"Anyone here came across a good animated discussion of Commutation? It seems like an animated approach in discussing the current flow and how"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Relationship of Motors and Weight Capacity

"Weight capacity of a vehicle is called its Gross combined weight rating. It is provided by the manufacturer and is essentially the weight th"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Where Is Temperature Compensation Used

""wouldn't this affect the system negatively in some way? Like affect resistance, sensitivity, etc.?"     On the contrary, temperature compen"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Bluetooth Module as Bridge Between Source and Output

"Basically, what you are trying to achieve is longer range for your bluetooth right? Would somehting like this be possible?   Basically you"

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1 week ago


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