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TechXchange Partners


TechXchange welcomes its community partners who publicly support this new online forum.


Strategic Partner


Electrical Engineering News, Resources, and Community | EEWeb is a premier electrical engineering community that strives to offer its members the best online resources for hardware designers.  Creating profiles on EEWeb allows users to begin a blog, ask questions, post projects, and create resumes.  EEWeb also provides access to the latest industry news and information on embedded design, analog design, and more.


Community Partners


Electronics, VO GlobalNet, Q&A, GlobalNet Discussion, EMS Resources Directory, Top 10 EMS/ODM, a Venture Outsource LLC website, is the online authority for interactive user networking, gathering and sharing knowledge, and creating community for the worldwide contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM) sectors. The site counts executives; managers, government officials, financial analysts, academicians and other global supply chain operations professionals among its VO GlobalNet community where members can private message and connect with other members plus, promote their company or services in GlobalNet Discussion. There is also a Q&A section open to all site users to post questions and answer questions and tap the collective knowledge and experience of readers.


Hearst Advantage: Marketers Resource for the Electronics Industry


Hearst Electronics Group provides new product information, ebooks, forums, webcasts, videos and more internationally in China ( and EP China) and European nations ( The group’s total worldwide audience is over 1.2 million. Hearst brands include Electronic Products, ARM, EEM, eeTECHBriefs,StockCheck, Embedded Developer, ICMaster, and more.