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The AS399x UHF RFID Reader System Demo Kit supports the ISO 18000-6b and EPC Generation 2 standards. The aim of the development kit is to demonstrate the performance and the features of the AS399x UHF RFID reader chip and to enable customers to develop their own application fast.

The AS399x UHF RFID Reader System is a single PCB solution offering two configurations: a UHF RFID reader stand-alone operation aided by the on board microcontroller, and a direct access operation for development purposes with disabled MCU where the host system directly controls the AS399x using a pin header interface. The operational RF part can be used to develop customized software for controlling the AS399x. An access to the IO pins for an external microcontroller is provided to speed up the design phase of an UHF RFID reader application.

The “ROGER” UHF RFID Reader System is designed for medium range tag detection and is optimized regarding PCB area and power consumption. To minimize costs no special RF connectors are required. The connection to the antenna is established by a MMCX connector.

For powering up the UHF RFID Reader System an auxiliary power supply is used. For the communication with the host system the USB interface is used. After power up the internal registers of the reader chip are configured with default values which enables the reader system to be functional right from the beginning.


Manufacturer ams
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category RFID
Eval Board -
Features ASK
Frequency Hopping Support
Integrated CRC Checking
ISO18000-6C full protocol support
Reception Automatic Gain Control
USB Interface
Design Author AMS
Switching Frequency 20 MHz
Component Count + Extras 125 + 28
Main I.C. Base Part AS 3992
Date Created By Author 2010-03
Date Added To Library 2020-02

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