A5191HRTNGEVB: Modem, Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART)


The A5191HRTNGEVB evaluation board includes all external components needed for operating the A5191HRT IC and demonstrates the small PCB surface area such an implementation requires. The EVB allows easy design of HART implementations using A5191HRT.

The A5191HRT is a single chip, CMOS modem for use in highway addressable remote transducer (HART) field instruments and masters. The modem and a few external passive components provide all of the functions needed to satisfy HART physical layer requirements including modulation, demodulation, receive filtering, carrier detect, and transmit signal shaping.

The A5191HRT uses phase continuous frequency shift keying (FSK) at 1200 bits per second. To conserve power the receive circuits are disabled during transmit operations and vice versa. This provides the half duplex operation used in HART communications.


Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Category Wired Communication
Sub-Category Interface Solutions
Eval Board Part Number A5191HRTNGEVBOS-ND
Eval Board Supplier ON Semiconductor
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Purpose Telecom, Modem Eval
Component Count + Extras 36 + 5
Features MCU Controlled
UART Interface
Data Rate (Max) 1200 baud
Design Author ON Semiconductor
Main I.C. Base Part A5191HRT
Date Created By Author 2011-05
Date Added To Library 2018-04

Eval Board

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