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IRSLIDER2EK: IR Touchless Position / Gesture


The Si1142 Slider Demo Board implements an infrared touchless slider function based around the Si1142 infrared proximity and ambient light sensor. As shown in Figure 1, the main components of the board are the Si1142 sensor (U2), the C8051F800 microcontroller (U1), and two infrared emitters (DS1 and DS2). Hardware is also provided on-board to facilitate code development for the C8051F800 and communications with software support packages over a USB interface.

The firmware running on the C8051F800 measures the infrared light energy detected by the Si1142, while each of the two infrared emitters are independently activated. The infrared light from these emitters will be reflected back to the Si1142 by any object that is placed in proximity to the board. The left-right position is then calculated from these two measurements and used to illuminate the appropriate signal LED. If no object is close enough to the board, the measured signal levels will fall below pre-determined thresholds, and no signal LEDs will be illuminated. In addition to indicating the current position, the firmware is also able to detect different gestures from the infrared sensor, as described in Table 2 on page 6. The Si1142’s ambient light sensor (ALS) is also monitored by the firmware, which can determine the amount of ambient light present.

Note: The touchless infrared position and gesture detection implemented in the example is patent pending.


Manufacturer Silicon Labs
Category Sensor Solutions
Sub-Category Other Sensing Solutions
Eval Board Part Number 336-1972-ND
Eval Board Supplier Silicon Labs
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Purpose Gesture Control via USB HID
HID: IR Slider
Range 50 cm proximity
Sensing Method Ambient Light Sensing
IR Light Reflection
Voltage In 1.71 ~ 3.6 V
Features ADC's for Sensor Reading
I²C Interface
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Design Author Silicon Laboratories
Component Count + Extras 46 + 3
Main I.C. Base Part SI1142
Date Created By Author 2009-06
Date Added To Library 2015-06

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