CDB5480U-Z: Energy Meter, 270VAC Max


The CDB5480U is an extensive tool designed to evaluate the functionality and performance of the Cirrus Logic CS5480 power/energy measurement device.

Multiple analog input connection options, configuration input filters, direct and isolated digital interfaces, multiple power supply options, an onboard programmable microcontroller, and visual LEDs with an LCD panel make the board a flexible and powerful customer development tool for various power/energy measurement applications.

The GUI software provides easy and complete access to the onboard CS5480 device. In addition, it includes the function of raw ADC data collection with time domain, frequency domain, and histogram analysis.


Manufacturer Cirrus Logic Inc.
Category Power Management
Sub-Category Energy Metering for AC
Eval Board Part Number 598-1924-ND
Eval Board Supplier Cirrus Logic Inc.
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Sensing Method Current Transformer
Rogowski coil
Features Active Energy Measurement
Apparent Power Measurement
GUI / Design Software
LCD Driver
Line Frequency Measurement
Line Voltage Measurement
Load Current Measurement
Low and high voltage sensor connections
Power Factor Measurement
Reactive Energy Measurement
Reactive Power Measurement
SPI Interface
Temperature Measurement
UART Interface
USB Interface
Voltage Reference
AC Voltage 270 VRMS
Max AC Current
Component Count + Extras 93 + 69
Design Author Cirrus Logic
Main I.C. Base Part CS5480
Date Created By Author 2011-04
Date Added To Library 2015-01

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