3657: ATSAMD09 seesaw SAM D ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCU


Adafruit seesaw is a near-universal converter framework which allows you to add and extend hardware support to any I2C-capable microcontroller or microcomputer. Instead of getting separate I2C GPIO expanders, ADCs, PWM drivers, etc, seesaw can be configured to give a wide range of capabilities.

But you can reprogram and reconfigure the chip to have more or less of each peripheral - as long as it fits into the ATSAMD09D14's firmware! For example, there's also a UART converter but it isn't included in the default firmware.

The ATSAMD09 breakout is great for development of seesaw capabilities (we use it in-house for our design work) or you can use it as-is to give your Raspberry Pi or ESP8266 more hardware support! Each breakout comes with the assembled and tested board, as well as some header strips.

Please note: The boards do not come with a bootloader. If you want to do development on seesaw (e.g. changing the configuration) you'll need to pick up a J-Link and we recommend a SWD adapter breakout. At this time our project is for Atmel Studio but you could probably get it working with arm gcc and a Makefile. We don't provide any support for custom builds of seesaw - we think this is cool and useful for the Maker community!


Manufacturer Adafruit Industries LLC
Category Open Source MCU Platforms
Eval Board Part Number 1528-2441-ND
Eval Board Supplier Adafruit Industries LLC
IDE Arduino IDE, with Software Add-on
Atmel Studio
Speed 48 MHz
Bits 32 Bit
Memory, Flash/RAM 8 kB / 4 kB
Digital I/O 7 I/O, 3 PWM
Interface I²C
Analog Outputs (DACs) 0
Analog Inputs (ADCs) 3 x 12 Bit
DMA Channels 0
Features 1 x NeoPixel Output
EEPROM w/ 64 byte of NVM Memory
Radio -
Interrupt Pins 1
I/O Voltage 3.3 V
Voltage In 3.3 ~ 5 V
Touch Sensing Pins 0
Program/Debug Interface JTAG (ICDI)
Area 419² mm, 0.65² In
Main I.C. Base Part ATSAMD09
Design Author Adafruit
Date Created By Author 2017-11
Date Added To Library 2019-08

Eval Board

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