STEVAL-IHM045V1: 100W PMSM Motor Driver, 30 ~ 270VAC in


The STEVAL-IHM045V1 system evaluation board is a 3-phase inverter designed to perform field oriented control (FOC) of sinusoidal-shaped back-EMF PMSMs with or without sensors, with nominal power up to 100 W. This flexible, high performance design consists of a 3-phase inverter bridge based on the STGIPN3H60A SLLIMM™-nano (small low-loss intelligent molded module) IPM, 3-phase inverter, 3 A / 600 V very fast IGBT and the VIPer06 fixed frequency offline converter from the VIPer™ plus family.

The system is specifically designed to achieve fast and accurate current feedback conditioning, thereby matching the requirements typical of high-end applications such as field oriented motor control.

The board is compatible with 110 and 230 Vac mains, and includes an auxiliary power supply stage with the VIPer06 to generate the +15 V and the +3.3 V supply voltages required by the application.

Through a dedicated connector, the board can be interfaced with the STM3210B-EVAL, STM32100B-EVAL, STM3210E-EVAL, STM320518-EVAL, STM3220G-EVAL, STM32303C-EVAL, STM3240G-EVAL (STM32 microcontroller evaluation boards), STEVALIHM022V1 (high density dual motor control evaluation board based on the STM32F103ZE microcontroller), STEVAL-IHM039V1 (Dual motor drive control stage based on the STM32F415ZG microcontroller) and the STEVAL-IHM033V1 (Control stage based on the STM32F100CB microcontroller suitable for motor control).


Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Category Motor Control
Eval Board Part Number 497-14877-ND
Eval Board Supplier STMicroelectronics
Eval Board -
Voltage In 30 ~ 270 VAC
Number of Motors and Type 1, 3-Ph PMSM Motor
1, 3-Ph PMSM, Sensorlesss
Power / Current Out 100 W
Features Current Sampling
Encoder Input
GUI / Design Software
Hall Input
Over Current Protection
PWM Interface
Sensorless Control (FOC)
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Component Count + Extras 106 + 46
Application / Target Market HVAC
Motor Control
White Goods
Design Author STMicroelectronics
Main I.C. Base Part STGIPN3H60A
Date Created By Author 2014-05
Date Added To Library 2018-12