TMC5072-EVAL-KIT: Dual Bi-Polar, 1.5A, 7 ~ 24V


TMC5072-EVAL-KIT is a set of one MCU Board "Landungsbrücke", a bridge Board and one TMC5072-EVAL driver Board. It allows for a quick and simple start within only minutes to make your motor turning, while still providing full access to all registers and full functionality and diagnostics.

For Diagnosis all Signals between MCU and TMC5072 are accessible with probes on the "Eselsbrücke" Bridgeboard.

To simplify the transfer to your own processor platform the MCU board can be disconnected.

TMC5072 stepper controller-driver IC is a powerful system-on-a-chip, integrating sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages plus best-in-class diagnostics and protection in a tiny 7 by 7mm² QFN package. Developed with a focus on the fast growing CCTV camera market the component is well suited for other areas that require precise positioning, e.g. medical, industrial or consumer applications. The functionality embedded in the components allows for superior results concerning motor control, without the need of a deep understand of motor physics.

Extending the series of dual axis stepper motor drivers TMC5072 features the all new stealthChop™ current control mode to drive stepper motors completely silent down to 0 RPM.


Manufacturer Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
Category Motor Control
Eval Board Part Number 1460-1135-ND
Eval Board Supplier Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Voltage In 7 ~ 24 V
Number of Motors and Type 2, Stepper Motors, BiPolar
Power / Current Out 1.5 A
Features GUI / Design Software
LDO Regulator(s), On-Chip
Short Circuit Protection
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
SPI Interface
Trapezoidal Output
UART Interface
Component Count + Extras 60 + 30
Application / Target Market Factory Automation
Printer, Plotter
Security IP Camera
Design Author TRINAMIC
Main I.C. Base Part TMC5072
Date Created By Author 2015-03
Date Added To Library 2015-08

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Eval Board

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