LV8121VSLDGEVK: 3.5A, 3-Ph BLDC Hall, 8 ~ 35V


The LV8121VGEVK evaluation kit is designed to quickly assess the LV8121 part, a three-phase brushless motor driver that uses a PWM drive technique. The motor speed is controlled by changing the PWM duty, which is based on an analog voltage input. This motor driver includes an automatic return constraint protection circuit and is optimal for driving fan motors.


  • PWM control based on an analog voltage input (the CTL voltage), synchronous rectification

  • One Hall-effect sensor FG output

  • Automatic return constraint protection circuit (ON/OFF=1/15)

  • Start/Stop switching circuit

  • Forward/Reverse switching circuit

  • Current limiter circuit

  • Low-voltage shutdown protection circuit

  • Thermal shutdown protection circuit


Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Category Motor Control
Eval Board Part Number LV8121VSLDGEVK-ND
Eval Board Supplier ON Semiconductor
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Voltage In 8 ~ 35 V
Number of Motors and Type 1, 3-Ph BLDC Motor
Power / Current Out 3.5 A
Features Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed)
GUI / Design Software
Hall Input
PWM Interface
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Component Count + Extras 41 + 26
Application / Target Market HVAC
Motor Control
White Goods
Design Author ON Semiconductor
Main I.C. Base Part LV8121V
Date Created By Author 2014-02
Date Added To Library 2020-03

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