LV8702VSLDGEVK: 2.5A, 9 ~ 32V in, BiPolar Stepper Motor Kit


The LV8702VSLDGEVB is an ON Semiconductor motor driver module featuring the LV8702V. This module is capable of easily driving a stepper motor. Motor driving is made easy with Arduino Micro compatibility. The LV8702VSLDGEVK comes with a Baseboard for facilitated plug−and−play connectivity with an Arduino Micro. GUI and Open−source API Functions are available for custom, user−specific motor driving programs.


  • VCCmax = 36 V, IOmax = 2.5 A) (between OUT_A and B, between OUT_C and D)

  • 24 V Applications Recommended (VCC = 9~32 V Max)

  • Rotation of the Motor is Controlled by a Single Pulse Signal, which is Advantageous for Smooth Driving (Micro−step) and Rotating at High Speed Rotation

  • 4 Patterns can be Set for Full, Half (2 Patterns) and Quarter Step

  • High−efficiency Drive that Adjusts the Current to the Optimum Current according to the Motor Load and Rotational Speed (in Half, Quarter Step Setting)

  • The Reduction of Power Consumption, Heat Generation, Vibration and Noise is Achieved

  • User−friendly GUI Allows Operation Check and Sample Program Generation


Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Category Motor Control
Eval Board Part Number LV8702VSLDGEVKOS-ND
Eval Board Supplier ON Semiconductor
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Voltage In 9 ~ 32 V
Number of Motors and Type 1, Stepper Motor, BiPolar
Power / Current Out 2.5 A
Features GUI / Design Software
MCU Controlled
PWM Interface
USB Interface
Component Count + Extras 20 + 16
Application / Target Market Motor Control
Printer, Plotter
Textile machinery
Design Author ON Semiconductor
Main I.C. Base Part LV8702V
Date Created By Author 2018-08
Date Added To Library 2020-01

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