STEVAL-POEL45W1: 45W PoE LED Driver with BLE Control


The STEVAL–POEL45W1 is a PoE-enabled constant current LED driver with a PM8805 Power over Ethernet interface, LED6000 LED driver and Bluetooth module SPBTLE-1S for smart dimming control.

The PM8805 is a highly integrated device, embedding a double active bridge, a hot-swap MOSFET and an IEEE802.3bt-compliant Powered Device (PD) PoE interface.

The LED6000 is a step-down monolithic switching regulator designed to source up to 3 ADC current for high power LED driving. The 250 mV typical RSENSE voltage drop enhances the efficiency. Digital dimming is implemented by driving the dedicated DIM pin.

The SPBTLE-1S is a Bluetooth® low Energy System-on-Chip application processor certified module, compliant with BT specifications v4.2 and BQE qualified.

The STEVAL–POEL45W1 evaluation board is designed to provide a power output of 48 W and can dim LEDs down to 1% of the maximum brightness without any flicker. Remote on/off and dimming control can be managed through the PoE Lighting android application available free of charge on the Google Play store.

Key Features

  • PoE-PD IEEE 802.3af/at/bt compliant

  • Constant current output, working in buck topology

  • Output Current – 1.4 A with < 0.05% current regulation

  • LED driver input voltage range 37 – 57 VDC

  • Peak Efficiency at maximum load > 95%

  • Standby power consumption of LED driver < 100 mW

  • Wireless On/Off and dimming controlPoE Lighting android application available on Google Play store

  • Digital dimming with 1% resolution


Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Category Lighting
Sub-Category LED Drivers - DC In
Eval Board Part Number 497-18349-ND
Eval Board Supplier STMicroelectronics
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Voltage In 37 ~ 57 V
Topology IEEE 802.3bt
Current Out 1.4 A
Voltage Out (Max) 33 V
Outputs and Type 1 Non-Isolated
Efficiency @ Conditions >95%, 36 ~ 49 Vin, 11 LEDs
>93%, 36 ~ 58 Vin, 9 LEDs
>91%, 36 ~ 58 Vin, 7 LEDs
Features Antenna On-Board
BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy
Dimming Control
Open Circuit Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Switching Frequency 375 kHz
Component Count + Extras 94 + 9
Design Author STMicroelectronics
Application / Target Market LED Commercial Lighting
LED Home Lighting
LED Signage
Main I.C. Base Part LED6000

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