LM25576EVAL: 5V @ 3A; 7 ~ 42 V in, 80%


The LM25576 evaluation board is designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional power converter based on Emulated Current Mode Control to evaluate the LM25576 regulator IC. The evaluation board provides a 5V output with a 3A current capability. The ultra-wide input voltage ranges from 7V to 42V. The design operates at 300kHz, a good compromise between conversion efficiency and solution size.

The printed circuit board consists of 2 layers of 2 ounce copper on FR4 material with a thickness of 0.06 inches. This application note contains the evaluation board schematic, Bill-of-Materials (BOM) and a quick setup procedure. Refer to the LM25576 datasheet for complete circuit design information.


Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category AC/DC and DC/DC Conversion
Sub-Category DC/DC SMPS - Single Output
Eval Board Part Number LM25576EVAL-ND
Eval Board Supplier Texas Instruments
Eval Board Board not Stocked
Topology Step Down
Outputs and Type 1 Non-Isolated
Voltage Out: Factory Set 5 V
Current Out 3 A
Voltage In 7 ~ 42 V
Efficiency @ Conditions >90%, 7V in, 5V @ 0.5 ~ 1.5 A
>83%, 7V in, 5V @ 0.5 ~ 3 A
>80%, 24V in, 5V @ 0.5 ~ 3 A
Voltage Out Range - Not Given
Features Over Current Protection
Switching Frequency 300 kHz
Standby Current [Typical] 48 µA
Quiescent Current [Typical] 3.4 mA
Component Count + Extras 18 + 5
Internal Switch Yes
Design Author Texas Instruments
Application / Target Market Point of Load (PoL)
Standby Current [Maximum] 70 µA
Quiescent Current [Maximum] 4.5 mA
Main I.C. Base Part LM25576
Date Created By Author
Date Added To Library 2011-03