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Amprobe® Test Tools
Data Sheet
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1000A Clamp-on Multimeter
Simple to operate and well-suited
for high current applications.
1000 Amp AC current
AC/DC voltage to 600V
Continuity Beeper
Relative zero mode
Auto power off
Data hold
Carrying case included
Large, easy to read digital display
Accommodates conductors up to 45mm
(1.77”) in diameter
Amprobe® Test Tools
Data Sheet
ACD-6 PRO 1000A Digital Clamp-on Multimeter
Range Accuracy
DC Voltage
400.0 mV 1.0% + 3d
4.000V, 40.00V, 400.0V 1.7% + 3d
600V 2.0% + 4d
NMRR : >50dB @ 50/60Hz
CMRR : >120dB @ DC, 50/60Hz, Rs=1kΩ
Input Impedance: 10MΩ, 30pF nominal (1000MΩ for 400.0mV range)
Audible Continuity Tester
Open Circuit Voltage: 0.4VDC typical 400.0Ω 1.5% + 6d
Audible threshold: between 10Ω and 120Ω.
400.0Ω 1.5% + 6d
4.000kΩ, 40.00kΩ, 400.0kΩ 1.0% + 4d
4.000MΩ 1.5% + 4d
40.00MΩ 2.5% + 4d
Open Circuit Voltage: 0.4VDC typical
AC Voltage
50Hz -- 500Hz 400.0mV 1) 4.0% + 5d
50Hz -- 60Hz 4.000V, 40.00V, 400.0V 2.0% + 5d
60Hz -- 500Hz 4.000V, 40.00V, 400.0V 2.5% + 5d
50Hz -- 500Hz 600V 3.0% + 5d
CMRR : >60dB @ DC to 60Hz, Rs=1kΩ
Input Impedance : 10MΩ, 30pF nominal
1)Selection by RANGE button manually, and is specified from AC 40mV (AC 60mV for True RMS model ACD-6 TRMS-PRO) and up
Diode Tester
Open Circuit < 1.6 VDC
Voltage Test Current (Typical) 0.4mA
AC Current (Clamp-on)
50Hz / 60Hz 400.0A 1.5% + 5d
1000A 1.5% + 5d
1) Add 8d to specified accuracy while reading is below 15% of range
2) Induced error from adjacent current carrying conductor: < 0.06A/A
3) Specified accuracy is for measurements made at the jaw center. When the conductor is not positioned at the jaw center, position
errors introduced are: Add 1% to specified accuracy for measurements made WITHIN jaw marking lines (away from jaw opening)
Add 4% to specified accuracy for measurements made BEYOND jaw marking lines (toward jaws opening)
Electrical Specifications
Accuracy is ±(% reading digits + number of digits) or otherwise specified, at 23 °C ± 5 °C (73°F ± 9°F) & less than 75% R.H.
Data Sheet
ACD-6 PRO 1000A Digital Clamp-on Multimeter
Display : 3-3/4 digits 4000 counts LCD display
Update Rate : 3 per second nominal
Polarity : Automatic
Low Battery : Below approx. 2.4V
Operating Temperature : C TO 40°C (32°F TO 10F)
Relative Humidity : Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 31°C decreasing linearly to
50% relative humidity at 40°C
Altitude : Operate below 6,562ft (2000m)
Storage Temperature : -20°C to 60°C (-F to 140ºF), < 80% R.H. (with battery removed)
Temperature Coefficient : nominal 0.15 x (specified accuracy)/°C @ 0°C -18°C or 28°C -40°C
(32°F - 6F OR 8F - 104°F), or otherwise specified
Sensing : Average sensing
Safety : Meets EN61010-1:2001; IEC61010-2-032(1994), EN61010-2-032(1995), UL3111-2-032(1999).
Category III 600 Volts AC & DC.
Transient protection : 6.5kV (1.2/50μs surge) for all models
Pollution degree : 2
E.M.C. : Meets EN61326
In an RF field of 3V/m:
Total Accuracy = Specified Accuracy + 45 digits
Performance above 3V/m is not specified
Overload Protections :
ACA Clamp-on jaws : AC 1000A rms continuous
+ & COM terminals (all functions) : 600VDC/VAC rms
Power Supply : One 3V coin battery (ANSI/NEDA-5004LC, IEC-CR2032)
Power Consumption : 2.2 mA typical
APO Timing : Idle for 30 minutes
APO Consumption : 190μA typical on voltage & current functions
Dimension : L224mm X W78mm X H40mm
Weight : 220 gm approx
Jaw opening & Conductor diameter : 45mm max
General Specifications
Amprobe® Test Tools
Data Sheet
Amprobe® Test Tools
Everett, WA 98203
Tel: 877-AMPROBE
Amprobe® Test Tools Europe
In den Engematten 14
79286 Glottertal, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 7684 8009 - 0
Optional Accessories
ELS2A Line splitter (Energizer)
ACF-3000AK 3000A AC Flexible Clamp-on Attachment
TMA-K Single Input Thermocouple Temperature Attachment
VRC-320 Alligator Clips (For test leads)
Included Accessories
Test leads MTL-90B, Carrying case SV-U, Users manual
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ACD-6 PRO 1000A Digital Clamp-on Multimeter

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