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1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
SG901-1071 Miniature Wi-Fi Radio
The SG901-1071 WiFi module is optimized to
simplify successful integration into systems
requiring the latest performance with small size.
This module is a highly integrated single chip
based 802.11b/g/n WLAN radio for embedded,
low-power and extremely small form factor mobile
applications. The product conforms to the IEEE
802.11B, G, and N protocols operating in the
2.45GHz ISM frequency band supporting 802.11n
modulations up to 72.2Mbps, all 802.11g OFDM
modulations, and all mandatory 802.11b
The SG901-1071 is a fully integrated wireless
radio including RF Synthesizer/VCO, high-speed
data converters, digital baseband processor,
onboard MAC and PHY processors, Power
Management, Power Amplifier, and LNA.
An on-board EEPROM stores calibration data for
alignment-free integration. No customer
calibration required.
Bluetooth integration features of the radio are
made available.
An on-board crystal and filter simplify system
integration. The addition of 1.8V, 3.3V, and VIHO
supplies, Antenna, and host communication,
provides a complete WiFi solution. For maximum
flexibility, the SG901-1071 can be optionally
supplied without internal oscillator and accept a
wide range of external reference clock
Host control is provided by either an SDIO or SPI
Very Small Footprint (12.0 x 9.5 x1.7mm)
Factory Calibrated
RoHs Compliant
Fully Integrated 802.11 System Solution
Ultra Low Current Consumption, 2.5 m A DITM = 1
Fully Compliant with the IEEE 802.11B,G, and N
WLAN Standards
Support for 802.11n Modulations up to 72.2Mbps,
and all 802.11g and Mandatory 802.11b
Intelligent Power Control, Including 802.11 Power
Save Mode
Supports SPI Interface and SDIO Interface
Factory Support for Linux 2.6/Android, Windows
Source Code Available for porting to RTOS or
Custom OS
Hardware driver is provided under GPL
Flexible I/O Voltage
Contact Factory for FCC compliant applications
• Hand-held Devices
• Embedded Systems
• Portable Systems
• Point of Sale terminals
• Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
• Cameras
• Cable Replacement
Ordering Information
Evaluation Kit Available
This EVK supports embedded software
Packaging Temp Range Part Number
Tape and Reel Extended SG901-1071-ET-TR
Bulk Extended SG901-1071-ET-BLK
Tape and Reel Commercial SG901-1071-CT-TR
Bulk Commercial SG901-1071-CT-BLK
EVK for 1071 SG923-0007
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
Block Diagram
Proces sor
Power Management Unit
Timebase Supply Inputs
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
General Electrical Specifications
Parameter Test Condition / Comment Min. Typ. Max. Units
Absolute Maximum Ratings
3.0V Supply -0.3 3.6 V
VLDO Supply -0.3 2.5 V
Operating Conditions and Input Power Specifications
ET Version (Extended Temperature) -30 85 °C
Operating Temperature Range CT Version (Commercial Temperature) 0 70 °C
Input Supply Voltage 3.3V Supply input 2.7 3.3 3.6 V
Standby Mode
Current 32.768kHz Mode 270 uA
Power Save Mode
Current DTIM = 1 2.5 mA
Peak TX Current 270 mA
Peak RX Current Processing Beacons 82 mA
3.3V Supply
Peak RX Current Processing OFDM Packets 135 mA
Wake up Time From 32.768KHz Mode 5 mS
Ramp up To Processing Beacons 360 uS
Power Save Mode
Settling Times
Ramp Down To Stand By 32.768KHz mode 760 uS
Input Supply Voltage VHIO input supply determines Host CMOS
logic levels 1.7 3.3 V
Input Supply Current VHIO = 1.8V 1 mA VHIO Supply
Standby Mode
Current VHIO = 1.8V 100 uA
VLDO Supply Input Supply Voltage Required Internal regulator supply input 1.45 2.0 V
VIL -0.3 0.25VHIO V
Input Voltage
Levels VIH 0.625VHIO VHIO+0.3 V
VOL IOL = 8.0mA 0.4 V
Output Voltage
Levels VOH IOH = -8.0mA 0.75VHIO VHIO V
Input Capacitance 1.0 5.0 pF
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
RF Characteristics
(Max and Min based on temperature range)
Parameter Test Condition / Comment Min. Typ. Max. Units
Antenna Port Impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Input Return Loss CH1 to CH14 -9.5 -14 dB
11b, 1Mbps -97 -96.3 -95 dBm
11b, 2 Mbps -94 -93.5 -91 dBm
11b, 5.5 Mbps -93 -91 -88 dBm
11b, 11 Mbps -89 -86.7 -85 dBm
11g, 9Mbps -92 -89.6 -88 dBm
11g, 18Mbps -87 -85.9 -84 dBm
11g, 36Mbps -80 -78.6 -77 dBm
11g, 54Mbps -74 -72.4 -70 dBm
11n, MCS1 -86 dBm
11n, MCS3 -80 dBm
11n, MCS5 -72 dBm
RX Sensitivity
11n, MCS7 -69 dBm
Channel to Channel
De-sensitivity CH1 to 14 11g, 54Mbps 10% PER -0.7 0.7 dB
Maximum Input Signal CH7 11g, 54Mbps -19 -16 dBm
1Mbps 50
11Mbps 47
9Mbps 25 dB
54Mbps 13 dB
MCS1 24 dB
Adjacent Channel
MCS7 5 dB
11b, 1Mbps 15 16.5 19.1 dBm
11b, 11Mbps @802.11b spectral mask 15.5 16.2 19.4 dBm
11g, 9Mbps @802.11g spectral mask 17 18.2 19.5 dBm
11g, 54Mbps EVM = -27dB, 4.5% 11.7 13.4 15.1 dBm
802.11n MCS1 @802.11n spectral mask 17 dBm
TX Output Power
802.11n MCS7 EVM = -27dB 13 dBm
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
Pinout List
Reference Clock Pins
OSC_EN 4 Oscillator Enable Output not normally used – Contact Sagrad for options
REF_CLK 19 Reference Oscillator Input normally not connected - Contact Sagrad for options
RF Pins
BTH 13 Bluetooth RF Switched RF Connection RF Connection for Input - Output
2G4_RF 16 Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Antenna Port, 50 ohms Careful RF design is needed for this and nearby ground
Serial Interface Pins (VHIO Domain, logic levels compatible with the VHIO (Pin 32) input voltage)
SDCLK 26 SPI Clock Input SDIO CLK VHIO Domain
SDD0 24 SPI MISO (output) SDIO Data 0 VHIO Domain
SDD1 23 SPI: Interrupt Output SDIO Data 1 VHIO Domain
SDD2 22 SDIO Data 2 VHIO Domain
SDD3 21 SPI Chip Select Input SDIO Data 3 VHIO Domain
Control Pins
POWERUP 5 Power Up Enable (from Host) VLDO Domain with internal pull up High = operating,
Low = off
RSTn 31 Reset Input VHIO Domain – Active Low reset
SLEEPCLK 33 32.768 kHz Sleep Clock Input VHIO Domain
DBG_SPI_CSn 27 Debug SPI Chip Select Input VHIO Domain
DBG_SPI_CLK 30 Debug SPI Clock Input VHIO Domain
DBG_SPI_MISO 28 Debug SPI Data Output VHIO Domain
DBG_SPI_MOSI 29 Debug SPI Data Input VHIO Domain
Bluetooth Coexistence Pins (VHIO Domain)
WLAN_DENY 1 Bluetooth Coexistence VHIO Domain
BT_ACTIVE 3 Bluetooth Coexistence VHIO Domain
BT_PERIODIC 2 Bluetooth Coexistence VHIO Domain
BT_STATUS 34 Bluetooth Coexistence VHIO Domain
Power and Ground Pins
VHIO 32 Supply Voltage for I/O's 1.7 to 3.3V, Internally decoupled with a 0.1uF capacitor
VLDO 6 External regulator supply input 1.45 to 2.0V, Internally decoupled with a 2.4uF capacitor
3.0V 8 RF supply 2.7 to 3.3V, Internally decoupled with a 0.2uF capacitor
7, 9, 10, 11, 12,
14, 15, 17, 18,
20, 35
Ground Connections
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
Software Support
The 1071 and 1078 modules are supported through highly portable software. The hardware drivers and
Wi-Fi stack as provided is compatible with Linux kernel 2.6. The source code for the hardware abstraction
is available under a GPL license and is available from Sagrad. The licensed Wi-Fi licensed stack
available from Sagrad is provided in binary form without a license. Source code for the Wi-Fi stack is
available to the customer. To obtain source code for the stack contact Sagrad sales at
Software and source code are available free of charge but require a software license agreement for the
Wi-Fi stack source.
In almost all cases the GPL driver will need to be modified for the customer’s specific hardware. The Wi-
Fi stack will only need to be modified for compatibility to the customers OS and compiler. In many cases
such as Linux near zero modification of the Wi-Fi stack will be required.
The Wi-Fi module/stack currently is only tested in client mode and is compatible with any access point
that meets 802.11 standards. An access point mode code base is planned in the future.
The complete 802.11 stack requires about 350KB of space for the implementation of the entire
specification. Extremely small versions can be created by knowledgeable customers but is a considerable
task and requires detailed understanding of 802.11.
As a service to customers, Sagrad offers extended technical support on a fee basis.
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
Software Details:
■ Comprehensive MAC functionality according to IEEE 802.11-2007, including QoS traffic scheduling
■ Supports the following optional IEEE 802.11n features:
MPDU aggregation
MSDU aggregation
Immediate Block Acknowledgement
L-SIG TXOP protection
Link adaptation using MCS feedback
■ Hardware encryption according to IEEE 802.11-2007 and IEEE 802.11w/D10.0:
■ Hardware encryption support for SMS4 to supportWAPI
■ Hardware encryption support for Cisco® CKIP
OS Support:
Windows Mobile 7 and 6.x, Windows CE 6.1 and 5, Linux v2.6, Android
Bluetooth Coexistence
Feature Linux
Bluetooth Coexistence
PTA (802.15.2) Yes
802.11/BT on same Antenna Yes
Data and Voice Simultaneously Yes
Data and Data Simultaneously Yes
Voice and Voice Simultaneously Yes
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1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
Recommended Layout
PCB design requires detailed review of the center exposed pad. This pad requires good thermal
conductivity. Soldering coverage should be maximized and checked via x-ray for proper design. There is
a trade off in providing enough solder for conductivity, and too much which allows the module to “float”
on the paddle creating reliability issues. Sagrad recommends two approaches, a large center via that
allows excess soldering to flow down into the host PCB with smaller vias around it. Or many smaller vias
with just enough space for the viscosity of the chosen solder/flux to allow some solder to flow into the
smaller vias. Each of these approaches need to result in 60% or more full contact solder coverage on the
paddle after reflow. Sagrad strongly encourages PCB layout teams to work with their EMS providers to
insure vias and solder paste designs will result in satisfactory performance.
Note Pin one is on the bottom left of this diagram and is enlarged.
This view is viewed from the top.
[10.401 0.409 19 401 0.370 15.401 0.331 17.401 0.291 [a 401 0.252 15.401 0.213 [4 4010.173 0.065 0.144 0.222 0.301 [34010434 [1.65] 13.051 [5.051 [7.65] [2 4010.094 0.033 0.104 0.183 0.262 0.341 [1.60] 0.003 ifl [0.051 [2.65] [4.051 15.051 [3.65] O + DDDDDDDDD 12.701 0.105 D D . v D D T E E . 14 101 0 101 D D . l D D 1 E D . 1— DEDDDDDED 0.031 [0.80] 0.041 34 PLCs 0 126 0220 4 [1.051 13.201 [5.60] PIN 1
1-321-255-0515 WWW.SAGRAD.COM DOC#: SG914-0023 rev. 1.1
The nominal size of the part is 10x13mm with a height of 1.7mm
The part comes packaged in Tape and Reel or bulk

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