AK500-OE-9-2 Datasheet by Assmann WSW Components

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2 3 4 5 6 ZOUUiSOmm Mwa 1 50.8i5mm ‘—‘ F 15.9t3mm * w é BLACK 25 g ‘ - a 3 mm: 2 43% w H mm] Q (31mm 1582: 55011 ‘ Drain wire PLUG: COXio u Conductor,18AWG UH Z11/016 bare coppsr u PVC Outer Jacket 215i35mm NOTES: WPLUG No.:COX—OZ MARK: COXOC COX702 10A WZSVN p p . APPROVED: E47517 Aluminum fol] shleld Dram wn'c (7C/0.254mm) ZPOWER W‘RE: _ C7UL (UL) SJT E148006 vwiw 75'c WBAWGXISCCOXOC (detall) SH‘ELDED JACKET COLOR: BLACK NSULAT‘ON COLOR: BLACKWHITEBREEN. 3.JACKET TO BE STR‘PPED BACK 50.8mm TO EXPOSE CONDUCTORS. D I Name E «CONDUCTOR TO BE STRWPED BACK 15.9mm TO EXPOSE “m WW STRAND COPPER AS SHOWN. seam 01/06/03 PEARL POWER CORDS Gepr. Norm ASSMANN Elec‘ronic Com Zewchnungsnummer AKSOO-OE—9-2 E‘au ponems 653.2 M B‘s“ 5 6

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