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Product Brief
ESD/CDE Protection
For High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
Breakthrough protection device for HDMI 1.3 with ultra
low capacitance of 0.3pF
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an
uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface that
provides a high speed link between audio/video source
and sink devices. Semtech products provide robust
protection while preserving signal integrity in high-speed
video and data interfaces such as Set Top Boxes (STB),
DVD players, PCs, video cameras, gaming stations, and
digital televisions.
• Pass Compliance Test Specification (CTS) on sink
and source sides: 100 +/- 15% trace impedance
• Pass Eye Pattern Test using HDMI Eye Mask
Applications and Features:
• Ultra-low capacitance: 0.3pF typical (line-to-line)
• Industry’s lowest clamping voltage
• Small package solution, including flow through
leadless package (SLP) to maintain signal integrity
• Solid-state silicon-avalanche technology does not
degrade after repeated strikes
• RoHS/WEEE Compliant
• Meets industry immunity standard:
IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) +/-15kV (air), +/-8kV (contact)
With the increase in data speed, maintaining signal
integrity is crucial to meet the HDMI eye pattern
and TDR requirement. This is not a trivial task, as
the differential impedance can be affected by even
a small amount of capacitance or inductance.
Externally accessible HDMI ports are increasingly
more susceptible to transient threats as well. Threats
can come from a user’s direct touch or from hot
plugging a charged cable.
Internal on-chip ESD protection does not provide
sufficient protection to keep the sensitive HDMI chip
from becoming damaged; thus, most consumer
electronics manufacturers require HDMI ports to
meet the IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standard. To protect
against the over-voltage stress induced by users and
ESD testing, external protection is required. With
this added concern, HDMI designers need to meet
the ESD immunity requirement of IEC 61000-4-2
while maintaining signal integrity and impedance
requirements per the HDMI CTS.
The chosen protection device must exhibit very low
capacitance while keeping the ESD clamping voltage
at a minimum to maintain the quality and reliability of
the protected IC. This will ensure that the HDMI chip
will not experience catastrophic or latent failure during
a transient threat.
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Product Brief
Semtech’s HDMI device, RClamp0524P, is a 5V,
10-pin device that offers a maximum differential
capacitance value of 0.3pF. The device can be
used directly on 2 pairs of 100 Ohm differential
impedance signal lines regardless of the stack up
or number of layers. Designers can incorporate the
100 Ohm differential impedance per their board
parameters, and Semtech RClamp0524P’s ultra-low
capacitance will have very little affect to the already
calculated and controlled impedance. To further
facilitate the high speed design, the RClamp0524P
is housed in a small leadless package with 0.5mm
pitch, flow-through layout. The package design
helps reduce discontinuities and increase common
noise rejection through tight-pitch coupling.
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Figure 2
RClamp0524P – Breakthrough Protection Device for HDMI 1.3
Figure 3
Figure 1 shows an example of high speed differential trace
routing with Semtech RClamp0524P.
Figure 2 and Figure 3 respectively shows the passing eye pattern result using Semtech’s RClamp0524P.
Figure 1
Eye Pattern Result (1.48Gbps) Eye Pattern Result (2.25Gbps)

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