T960 1200A Pow-n1, Inn, 200 ”(Ills Strut. Voungwocd, Penna/Nani: 15637-1” (‘12) 925-7272 romx, Europa, 5,4. 429 Avonue a. our-m1. um. 72005 L. mm, Fm (4.7) 41.1;14 Phase Control SCH 1200 Amperes A verage 2400 Volts :Amni warm VEIIMAL run in iNCN « ms in: m, wash M m: IIKWNAL r DIA up 5 mm m. firIW fi—ED 7 __l i , szz‘MA' \_EE..H L minim “WE Piu RELEFVAKLE us: mm Us SVIIKE mSYAILE . .s- rm / in mu m Noumn DWENSVDHS mama: “smut: HID mm as 1 an m SW A a c n z r a u mugs us a an m m limo/loan nu .ms 20‘ w m: n 7 m u :5 Isle/17;: 35: z is 204 mo 1200A (Outline Drawing) Ordering Information: Select the complete 12 digit pan number you desire from the table below. Vain]. 01mm YIIIIHIII GIN Du!!!" Vania/Vanni him in In Lu! W” M'“) (A) (inn) (Ml cm T960 02 12 o 3 DH through 24 200v 1200A 350psec 200mA 12' through (Typical! 240W T960 1200A Film Control SCH 1200 Ampere; Average. 2400 Volts Description: Fowerex Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCH) are designed tor phase control applications. These are all-diflused, Press-Pak, hermetic Pow-R-Disc devices employing the lield proven ampliiying gate. Features: Low On»State Voltage High di/di Capability High dv/dt Capability Hermetic Packaging EIEIDEJD Excellent Surge and lzt Ratings Applications: [1 Power Supplies [:1 Motor Control P-1 49
inunx, Inc., 200 Hlllls Skeet, Youngvrood. Pennsylvania 15897-1900 (412) 925-7272 inmx. Europa, S.A. 428 Avamll G. Durlnd, EP107, 72003 L! Mina, France (43) 41, 14.14 T960 1200}! Phase Comm! SCH 1200 Amperes Average, 2400 V00: Absolute Maxlmum Ratings unmet-rm“: Symuul T960 12mm Unlls Non-repenllve Translenl Peak Reverse Voltage VRSM VRHM + toov Volts RMS Onrslate Current, To a 85°C lmms) 1330 Amperes Average Current 100° Sine Wave, T9 a 05% In“) t200 Amperes fl HMS On-state Current To a 55°C Wm) 2790 Amperes Average Current 100° Sine Wave. Tc = 55°C , In”, 1730 Ampetes Peek One Cycle Surge On-state Current (Non-repeti e) 60H: IS,“ 27000 Amperes Peak One Cycle Surge Onstate Current (Non-lepefitlve) 5on Is,“ 24550 Amperes Cr‘m‘cal Haleot-rise at Onstale Current (Non-repetittve) dl/dl A/usec 7 Crmcal Hale»oV-rise ol On-state Current (Repetrtive) dl/dl A/usec” 7 l2t (lcr Fusingl lor One Cycle. 60H: lzl A2590 Peak Gate Power Dlssipalion PGM Watts Average Gale Power Disslpatinn Pew) 3 Watts Operalmg Temperature T] -40 to a 25°C °C Storage Temperature ‘le -40 to +150°C °C Apprcxtmate Welghl 1 lb. 454 g Mounttng Force 7 5000 to 5500 lb 2270 tel 2500 kg. P-150
Pawnrcx, Inc" 200 Hlllis 91ml, Vaungwood. Ponnsylvlnll 15697-1500 (412) 925-7272 Powamx, Elliot”. SA. 425 Avenue G. Durlnd, BP197, 72009 Le Milli, Franco(43)41.14.14 7960 12mm Phnu Conlml son 1200 Amperss Average, 2400 Vans Eleclrical Characler' lics, Ti = 25°C Unless Otherwise Specified Chanel-Imus Symhnl ‘Iul Cnlmlllan: MIII. Typ. MIX. Unllx Repelltwe Peak Reverse Leakage Culrem IRRM -— 125°C, VR - VRRM 75 mA Hepemzve Peak Forwam Leakage Culrem IDRM T1 = 125°C, VD - VDRM 75 mA Peak Dnrslals Voltage VTM ITM = 1500A Peak 1,35 Volts Duly Cycle < 01%="" thleshcld="" voltage.="" anlevel="" v="" vac”="" t]="125%)." i="15%," in“)="" 1o="" "17(av)="" 0.60559="" vaiis="" slope="" hesislanoe,="" lowrlevel="" r“="" 0.2681="" mn="" threshold="" voltage,="" high-level="" v(t0)2="" 125°c.="" i="IIT(av)" io="" 'tsm="" 0.64284="" volls="" slope="" resislanoe,="" higl’hevel="" '72="" 0.1906="" "in="" vtm="" coemciems,="" low-level="" t’="125°C," i="" -="" isa/u="" in“)="" in="" nlnav)="" a‘="" .="" 0.55125="" 021303="" c‘="" _="" 104335704="" vtm="" coemciems,="" ngh-level="" 1"="1255c," i="ulna“" io="" itsm="" 0.001238="" .43650="" typlcal="" turn-on="" time="" to"="" itm="" x="" 1000a,="" vd="" é450v="" a="" use:="" typical="" tum-off="" time="" 7="" iq="" tj="125" c."="" i1-="250A," 350="" use:="" din/d!="50A/psec" reapplied="" av/dl="20V/psec" linearlo="" 3w="" vdrm="" miriimum="" clilical="" dv/dl="" ,="" exponenllal="" lo="" vdrn="M" dv/dl="" tj="125°C" 300="" v/psec="" gale="" trlggel="" current="" igt="" tj="25nc." vd="12v" 200="" ma="" gate="" tnggel="" voilage="" v61="" tj="" -="" 2550.="" vd="12v" 3.0="" yells="" non-triggenng="" gate="" vollage="" vgdm="" tj="1254!)," vd="VDRM" 015="" volts="" peak="" forward="" gate="" cunenl="" igtm="" 4="" a="" peak="" revelse="" gale="" voiiage="" vghm="" 5="" mm="" thumll="" cnmmvlslles="" maxlmum="" thelmal="" rbsislance.="" double="" slded="" cooling="" juncticnvlo-case="" r30,”="" 0="" 023="" °c1w="" caserlorsink="" new)="" 0.0075="" °ciw="" p-151="">
Powerex. Ina, zoo mm: Strut. Voungwood, Pumaymnla wow-10001412) 93-7272 Pamx, Europe, 5.4. 423 Avomn a1 Dumnd. arm, mo: Ln Mam, rum (4:) 41.14.14 T969 1“ PM» Cannot son 1200 Ampems Average, 2400 Volts Mulmum (In-Shh Form-rd Voting. Drop Mulmum Tun-lull Thom-I Impuhnot (Yl=125‘c) Hummus-n) mvm-vm-vm m 100 1000 10000 100000 0.001 0.0! 0,1 I 10 100 Immm-mmm-m-m “mud-W Maximum 0"th pm gum" Mulmum Allow-bl- Om 'hmporflun (5|an VII-whim) (Shanda-I Wmlonn) moo mo i 5: mo E mu 1 mm a E no we 2 g «x: i 200 o u mmmwimtmtm 0 MWWMIMIMVW AWWOWCUM'MM'M Awmmm-mvam Mal-nun: On-sm. Pow DIIIlp-non Mnlmum Allow-bk Cu- Twp-mun (mm-mm w-monn) (nmguI-r VII-Mann) 2400 i E L 21 3” g 1500 ' i w no \20‘ g 1200 i “‘" — g 000 i {r m n “w w n n can m 1050 Mon 1m 2100 nmwmmqmimlwumtmmm nun-mamm- lino-Amp“ Awru- cum sun-m um) ~ Amm P-152