CINT1200 MARKETS PLATFORMS TEST 8: MEASUREMENTS ' Analytical Test nut vumm INDUSTRIAL - Precision Manufacturing ITE & COMMS - Datacom "(Imam AUTOMATION ' Factory Automation Mimi" LED - Architectural infrastructures BENEFITS - 200W Air Cooled, i8OW Convection Cooled - Compact 3”x5" foot print for i U Applications - Over 90% typical effimency - High convection power under harsh thermal conditions - Operates at temperatures as low as 740°C to +70°C FEATURES - Over current, over temperature, and short oircuit protection -5EN/CSA/UL/lEC 609504 2"d Edition APPLICATIONS TEST & MEASUREMENTS . Network Analyzers ~ Signal Generators INDUSTRIAL - HVAC Controls - Label Printers - Laser Cutting LED - Outdoor Lighting - Board Signage ITE 8: COMMS - Multiplexers - High End Routers AUTOMATION ' Robotics . Conveyor Systems © 2oi7 SL Power Electronics All Righis Reserved VALUE PROPOSITION - Highest forced airand convection ratings in the industry. - Available With Class | and Class H Input ver3ions - ideal for applications in harsh temperature conditions Operates between 740°C to +70°C - Builtrin protections against unstable operational environments minimize the need for implementing at the system level, resulting in shorter development time and reduced cost, - Use of high quality electrolytic capamtors well below theirthreshold and ESR ratings help extend the life of the end equipment, and minimize field service needs. - SL Power local technical support capabilities prowde real time help in solving potential design problems which could otherwise cause revenue loss due to delays in end product introduction. - Extensive global presence can support customers product needs as they migrate from development to production, frequently in multiple locations around the world