KIT-14639 Datasheet by SparkFun Electronics

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Unigeek - Unicorn Soldering Badge Kit
Get a little magical with your soldering skills! The Unigeek is a beginners soldering kit that teaches
you the basics of PTH and SMD soldering while assembling a light up unicorn badge with an color
changing eye. Each Unigeek kit takes about 5-15min to assemble with basic soldering materials (not
included), and yes, the PCB in this kit really is rainbow colored out of the bag!
Every Unigeek Soldering Badge Kit includes one multicolored unicorn PCB, a CR2032 battery
holder, a pin back, and an RGB LED for the eye that slowly changes colors while powered on. All
you need to supply (besides a soldering iron and solder) is a CR2032 coin cell battery since it
is not included to make shipping easier.
Note: Since this product is a kit, assembly and a basic knowledge of soldering will be required. The
Unigeek Badge does not come pre-assembled.
1x Unigeek Unicorn PCB
1x Color Changing Rainbow LED
1x SMD CR2032 Battery Clip
1x Badge Pin and Clip

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