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New Product Introduction
PAN9420 Fully Embedded Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Module
Specifically Designed For Highly Integrated And Cost-
Effective Applications.
The NEW PAN9420 Series Includes A Fully Shielded Case, Integrated Crystal
Oscillators And A Chip Antenna.
Introducing Panasonic’s Fully Embedded Stand-Alone Wi-FI Module, the NEW PAN9420 Series! The
PAN9420 is a 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n Embedded Wi-Fi Module with integrated stack and API that
minimizes firmware development and includes a full security suite. The NEW PAN9420 is specifically
designed for highly integrated and cost-effective applications. The Module includes a fully shielded
case, integrated crystal oscillators and a chip antenna. The NEW PAN9420 Series combines a high-
performance CPU, high-sensitivity wireless radio, baseband processor, medium access controller,
encryption unit, boot ROM with patching capability, internal SRAM and in-system programmable flash
memory. The Modules integrated memory is available to the application for storing web content such
as HTML pages or image data. Parallel support of access point and infrastructure mode allows easy
setup of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections from the PAN9420 to smart devices and home network
routers. The pre-programmed Wi-Fi SoC firmware enables client (STA), micro access point (μAP), and
Ad-hoc mode (Wi-Fi Direct) applications. With the transparent mode, raw data can be sent from the
UART to the air interface to smart devices, web servers or PC applications.
The NEW PAN9420 Evaluation Kit is available with one PAN9420 Mother Board (MB), one PAN9420-
ETU daughter board (includes the PAN9420 FCC version module), and one USB-cable packaged in a
large case. The PAN9420-ETU daughter board is equipped on the PAN9420-MB, which has two USB to
UART converters allowing the hardware access to the two UART module interfaces (command and
binary interface). The PAN9420 FCC version module comes pre-loaded with a firmware for IoT
applications and a Panasonic Web content example. With a few simple steps the kit is ready to use.
General Features And Benefits
Fully Embedded: Integrated Full-Featured Network Stack
Contains All Necessary Iot Functionality (Place & Play)
Integrated Webserver With AJAX/JSON For Web Applications
No Stack Or Software Implementation Needed On A Host MCU
Simultaneous Support Of Access-Point And Infrastructure Mode
Fully Automatic IP Configuration
DHCP Server Offers IP Configuration In AP Mode
Access By Names (Http:/ /Yourdevice)
Integrated TCP/IP Network Stack: Ipv4, ARP, And Autoip
Supports Tls/Ssl, Https, And Wi-Fi Security (Wpa2) For Secure Data Connection
Over-The-Air Firmware Update
Two Uart Interfaces (Command And Transparent Data)
Integrated Qspi Flash Memory For Customer Web Contents And Configuration File
Programming Via Standard Jtag
Evaluation Kit With Pre-Installed Web Application For Quick Prototyping Available
Evaluation And Development Tool Wifigurator For Windows
Getting Started Tutorials, Pc Tool, Quickstart Guide
Wide Temperature Ranges Of -40 °C To +85 °C
RoHS And REACH Compliant
PAN9420 Additional Features
Surface Mount Type (SMT) 29.0 Mm X 13.5 Mm X 2.66 Mm
Marvell® 88MW300 MCU/WLAN System-On-Chip (Soc) Inside
Tx Power Up To +16 Dbm @ IEEE 802.11b
Rx Sensitivity Of -97 Dbm @ IEEE 802.11b DSSS 1 Mbps
20 Mhz Channels Up To 72 Mbps
Power Supply 3.0 To 3.6 V
Current Consumption 150 Ma (Mix Mode Tx/Rx@11b, 11 Mbps), 75 Ma Rx, 310 Ma Tx Peak
Power Down Mode Less Than 1 Ma Power Consumption
Low Power Mode Available
White Goods
Vending Machines
Home Appliances
Part Number Information
Part Numbers Description Series
ENW- 49C01A3KF
Fully embedded stand-alone Wi-Fi module IEEE
802.11 b/g/n
Regulatory notice: FCC/IC16 in preparation
Supported channel: Channel 1 ~ 11, 2412 ~ 2462
ENW- 49C02A3KF
Fully embedded stand-alone Wi-Fi module IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Regulatory notice: ETSI17 in preparation
Supported channel: Channel 1 ~ 13, 2412 ~ 2472 MHz
1x Motherboard,1xUSB-Stick,Manual,1x USB-Cable in a large
Plastic Case FCC Version
Vcc 3.3V —, SP1 4—» UARTO 4—» UART1 <—> GPlOs 1—» J TAG <—> Status LEDs 1—» MCU Ready .— Reseln —, Facton/ Reset —, Wake Ups V SPDT QSPl Flash 32 Mbit PAN9420 Fully Embedded Wi-Fi Module IEEE 802.11 big/n BBMW300 MCU/Radio SOC Crystal 33 4 MHz Chip Antenna i Crystal 32768 kHz 8 LPF SPDT RF-Pad
Block Diagram:

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