MS-26 Datasheet by Jonard Tools

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QJONARDTDDLS" MADE FOR LIFE” \h some oounmes rh Europe cabres are rnstaHed overhead rhstead or burred‘ such as fiber cabres whrch are used for FWH apphcatrons. To avord makmg a some a specmc cabre for outdoor as we“ as rndoor use rs serecled. The came of choroe rs cohsxrucxed wrth 2 Jacke\s The PE (Poryelhyrehe) Jacket rs made for ou‘door use PE we not permmed for rndoor use and ior tha\ reason \he PE jacket has Io be removed to expose the LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Harogeh) rhdoomaokex. Outdoor PE Jacks! Low Smoke Zero Harogen Jacket (LSOH) Swengm Members embedded \n we Jacket Frbev h or 2) The chaHenge rs k) remove me PE Jacket eaerry and emoomry. The M826 Large Mrd Span srmer [00‘ rs perfeofiy sorted for we job Srmpry srze (he came and posmon m m the nght groove. PuH me [our rewards me end of me sabre and the PE jackel rs men sh: on 2 srdes enablrng easy remova‘ of me Jacket and provrdes exposure of the indoor pan of me came. Resu \t Copynghl (C) 2017 Jonard Tears AH nghts reserved Jonard Toms V34 Marb‘eda‘e Rd Tuckahoe, NV 10707

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