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*adafruit —mmu mu:-
3.5 / 1.3mm or 3.8 / 1.1mm to 5.5 / 2.1mm DC
Jack Adapter Cable
This convenient 3.8mm/1.3mm or 3.5mm/1.1mm or 1.3mm DC to 2.1mm DC adapter cable lets you
plug one of our solar panels into our optimized Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger!
2.1mm inner diameter (5.5mm outer diameter) is the most common type of DC plug, but you can use this
adapter for anything else that has a 1.1 or 1.3mm ID (3.5-3.8mm OD) DC jack! The adapter has little
springy parts inside so it can be used with 3.5mm to 3.8mm OD plugs.
Cable Length (end to end): ~165mm / 6.5"

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