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DisplayPort transmitter
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Data brief
Enhanced DisplayPort® (DP) transmitter
DP 1.1a compliant
Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) compliant
1, 2, or 4 lanes
Higher bandwidth “Turbo mode” (3.24 Gbps)
per lane, supports:
1920 x 1080 (FHD) 120 Hz/10-bit color
video standard timings and 7.1 Ch audio
2560 x 1600 (WQXGA), 2560 x 2048
(QSXGA) 60 Hz/10-bit color graphics and
7.1 Ch audio
Interface compatibility with wide range of
display controller ICs
LVTTL (60 wide) and LVDS (quad bus)
video interface
8-Ch I2S and SPDIF audio interface
Robust AUX channel
Link service, maintenance
I2C-over-AUX (MCCS, DDC)
IR, full duplex UART protocol
Configurable through I2C host interface
Supports HDCP 1.3 with on-chip keys
HDCP repeater capability
Acts as downstream transmitter
Spread spectrum on DisplayPort, LVDS, and
TTL interfaces for EMI reduction
Supports deep color and color format
RGB/YUV (4:4:4) – 10-bit color
YUV (4:2:2/4:2:0) – 12-bit color
RGB (4:4:4) to YUV (4:4:4) conversion and
Low power operation; 18 mW standby
I2C to AUX bridge for EDID, MCCS pass
Supports HBR/“Turbo” speed over HBR/RBR-
rated long cables (15 m and more)
164 LFBGA (12 x 12 mm / 0.8 mm)
Power supply voltages
3.3 V I/O; 1.2 V core
Digital TV, docking station, STB, game
console, etc
TTL (60)
DP Output
Oscillator GPIO I2C
I2C Host
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1. Description
The STDP4028 is a DisplayPort transmitter IC for the secure transmission of high-bandwidth,
uncompressed digital audio-video signals targeted for applications such as DTV, LCD monitor, docking
station, STB and other types of consumer audio-video systems. STDP4028 is VESA DP 1.1a and eDP
compliant device, implementing a single link DisplayPort output port comprising four main lanes, auxiliary
channel, and HPD. In addition to the standard HBR (2.7 Gbps) and RBR (1.62 Gbps) speeds, this device
supports “turbo” speed of 3.24 Gbps per lane with a total link bandwidth of 12.96 Gbps. The higher
bandwidth provides unique benefits to users over other commercial DP transmitters for embedded
applications by offering additional margin to support higher color depth, resolution, and refresh rate. For
example, STDP4028 supports FHD non-reduced blanking video (1080p 30-bit color per pixel) at 120 Hz,
plus 7.1 Ch audio in two-box TV applications. The high-speed auxiliary channel in STDP4028 acts as a
bidirectional communication link, supporting application-specific protocols such as MCCS, DDC, UART,
IR, as well as, the dedicated DisplayPort link training and device management functions. The STDP4028
supports RGB and YUV video color formats with color depth of 12 (YUV 4:2:2 only), 10, and 8 bits.
This device offers LVDS and LVTTL input interface configurable to map a wide range of display controller
products. The Quad LVDS interface supports video signals up to 400 MHz pixel rate with flexible channel
and lane swapping options. The 60-bit LVTTL input ports on STDP4028 can be mapped to transfer video
data either in two pixels per clock or single pixel per clock of a chosen color depth. The STDP4028 also
supports both compressed and uncompressed audio formats.
This device comprises four I2S audio inputs, supporting up to 8 channels LPCM audio and a single wire
SPDIF input for encoded audio. The STDP4028 features HDCP 1.3 content protection scheme with an
embedded key option for secure transmission of digital audio-video content. In addition, it supports the
HDCP repeater function and, thus acts as a downstream transmitter suitable for two-box TV and
HDMI/DVI to DP converter applications.The STDP4028 is configurable from an external host through the
I2C host interface. This IC also includes general-purpose inputs/outputs for controlling system
components. The STDP4028 features a color space converter (RGB to YUV and YUV to RGB) for
flexible interface with external video processing devices.
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2. Application overview
The STDP4028 is designed as DisplayPort transmitter device for transferring high bandwidth video and
audio in PC and CE applications. Typical audio-video source system has a graphics or video processing
device that acts as system master (host). The host controller configures STDP4028 through an I2C host
interface. The host and STDP4028 also use interrupt mechanism whenever the slave needs attention.
The STDP4028 may require an external SPI Flash to store firmware for supporting custom specific
applications. The audio and video signal from the host controller is converted in to DisplayPort streams
through STDP4028 and transfer to an external display system over standard DisplayPort cable. The I2C
to AUX bypass channel handles the I2C traffic between STDP4028 and host controller as shown in the
figure below.
Figure 1. System interface block diagram
Host Controller
I2C Master
Main Link
TTL (60bit)
I2C slave
DP Connector
DP Connector
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3. Feature attributes
3.1 Video
Up to 2560 x 2048-60 Hz, 2560 x 1600-60 Hz, FHD 120 Hz at 10-bits per color
8/10/12 bits per color option
RGB/YUV color format
3.2 Audio
8-Ch I2S; word length up to 64 x Fs; bit depth up to 24 bits, sample rate up to 192 kHz
SPDIF; 2-Ch LPCM, AC3, DTS, bit depth up to 24 bits, sample rate up to 192 kHz
3.3 Input interface
Video: TTL 60/48 bits wide; QLVDS 8/10 bits per color
Audio: I2S 8-Ch, SPDIF x1
3.4 Output interface
DP 1.1a (4 lanes, AUX, HPD); supported link speed 3.24 Gbps, 2.7 Gbps, 1.62 Gbps
3.5 Spread spectrum
Supported on DP output and LVDS/TTL inputs
3.6 AUX capabilities
UART, I2C-over-AUX (MCCS, DDC, etc.) IR
3.7 HDCP
On-chip keys, HDCP repeater
3.8 Color format conversion
RGB 4:4:4 to YUV 4:4:4 and vice-versa
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3.9 System configuration
I2C host interface for control by an external system microprocessor
3.10 Package
164 LFBGA (12 x 12 mm), 1 mm thickness, 0.8 pitch
3.11 Power
Standby power 18 mW
3.12 ESD
2 KV HBM, 200 V MM, 750 V CDM
MegaChips *
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4. Ordering information
Table 1. Order codes
Part number Description
STDP4028-AB 164 LFBGA (12 x 12 mm)
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5. Revision history
Table 2. Document revision history
Date Revision Changes
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28-May-2014 2 Updated to comply with MegaChips documentation style/formatting.
15-Sep-2014 3 Updated footers and added copyright information to last page.
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