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mikroLab for AVR
Description Atmel’s line of 8-bit AVR MCUs has been made extremely popular thanks to Arduino, but for those who want to
explore the possibilities of AVR in-depth – mikroLab for AVR is the solution. This kit contains an EasyAVR v7
board that supports a total of 64 AT, ATmega, and ATtiny MCUs, a mikroC for AVR compiler licenses, lots of
additional accessories, as well as a free license for VisualGLCD (valued at $99).
About AVR AVR was invented by two Norwegian students, Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan. Their intention was to create
an architecture that could efficiently execute programs written in C. Atmel acquired the IP and hired the students,
introducing first AVR MCUs in 1997 to a great success. By 2003, they already shipped 500 million units. Today
it’s a well known and widely spread architecture.
Every available AVR chip in DIP packaging can fit on EasyAVR v7, with sockets for 8, 14, 20, 28, and 40
pins available on the board included in mikroLab for AVR.
av http://www.mikroc.com/kits/mikrolab/avr/ 12/18/2015
What's in the box
EasyAVR v7 development board
mikroC for AVR(installation on USB flash + license activation card)
FREE BONUS: Visual GLCD (installation on USB flash + license activation card)
EasyPROTO board
SmartPROTO board
EasyTEST board
Proto click
Character LCD 2x16 with blue backlight
Graphic LCD 128x64 with TouchPanel
Plastic Pen for TouchPanel
DS1820 Temperature Sensor
Wire Jumpers Female to Female (15cm length, 10pcs)
Wire Jumpers Male to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
Wire Jumpers Female to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
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