120229 Datasheet by Wakefield-Vette

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Ultra Thin Heat Pipes
Part Number #120229
Wakefield- Vette’s high performance heat pipes are used in many
applications in various industries. Some applications include: Automotive,
Consumer Electronics, LED Lighting, Medical, High Power Semi Conductors,
Aerospace, & Defense.
In these applications the heat pipe is used to transfer heat with minimal
temperature difference from one area to another or across a specific
surface material.
Material: Copper
Wick Structure: Powder Sintered Copper
Light Weight
Versatile with high thermal performance
Qmax= 12W
T h e r m a l C o o l i n g S o l u t i o n s f r o m S m a r t t o F i n i s h
Part Number Description
120229 Ultra Thin 5MM DIA X 1.00MM

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