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ADI Is Making It Possible to Engage with Aspiring
Engineering Students Earlier in the Education Cycle
The ADALM1000 Active Learning Module provides an inexpensive and easy
to use evaluation platform that helps introduce the fundamentals of electrical
engineering concepts in a hands-on environment. The ADALM1000 allows
students to experience real-time engineering design scenarios earlier in
the education process by starting in high school and continuing all the way
through college. This valuable hands-on experience will help form the solid
foundation for students to build from as they pursue advanced engineering
and science degrees and ultimately careers.
Program Benefits:
Provides access to real circuits and concepts used in an
actual real-time engineering environment
Available online resources support educators and guide
students to master difficult engineering concepts
Hands-on activities stimulate and accelerate learning
and build interest in fundamental engineering concepts
Helps to develop critical thinking skills needed for career
Free downloadable lectures, labs, and course materials
make curriculum deployments a breeze
Optional parts kit.
Active Learning Enabled by the
ADALM1000 Active Learning Module
How the ADALM1000 Can Be Used
This versatile platform can be used to explore electronics, physics, chemistry, and much more.
Measure ac and dc characteristics of attached
Measure mechanical efficiency and motor constants
Analyze physical constants such as gravity, Planck’s
constant, and Boltzmann’s constant
Measure pH over time with off the shelf probes
Control electrolytic cell potential and reaction rate
Explore battery charge and discharge profiles
Examine photovoltaic (solar) cell parameters and
ADALM1000 block diagram per channel. Bottom view of the ADALM1000 board.
Two Analog Inputs/Two Analog Outputs
Sample rate/bits 100 kSPS/16-bit
Voltage range 0 V to 5 V
Current range –200 mA to +200 mA
Sampling style Continuous streaming: 100%
Supplies 5 V (200 mA)
2.5 V (200 mA)
Current control and
measurement Yes
Open-source hardware Yes
Open-source software GUI, drivers, firmware
Compatibility Windows, Linux, OS-X
LRC meter capable Yes
To order your ADALM1000 kit and optional parts kit, go to
ADALM1000 Functionality:
Two channels signal generation—voltage or current output
Two channels signal measurement
Two fixed power supplies
Four digital signals
USB power/communications
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