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“‘ \ Global” spool-lilo: AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CONTROL GSK-947 s used to control the wnter pump tor watering plant and llower antomnt ally. it measures the s moimlre in 1 levels with delay time. Technical data - Power suppl 7 Elcflru’ current cumulunlion :40 mA. (workiugte 25 m \. (standby) - With 3 LEDs for showing 3 diirerent levels of soil moisturel - Delay time : 4-240 seconds - A, n r 2.31 inx 1.29 in. - Maximum loa -1c board dimen How does work The eircnrt diagram is shown in rigure 1. It! operation is based , ure content which is a cunduclor ot eleetr theoretically on the, ' .. The Voltage that flow from the soil via PRUEE In the circuit will he eompiled by law, 1cm and 1cm. The rernlt or eompilntron prerents the soil moisture letelr, which are indicated by Lam-5, PCB assembly The IS) mhly DI components is shown in Fig, 1. For good limiting and easy assembly, the shorter components should be first installed - starting ant components and then the h her. All impurmnl [hi that diodes, electrolyte capacitors. and [rail stors shall be earerully assembled betore mounting them onto their right nnotle/eattrode or the 1c honrd otherwise it might cnure damage to the components or the eireuil. Configuration oi the anode and the earhode is shown in Flg 3. Use the end 60:40 with flux wilhin. Recheck the correctness of instillation after soldering. In soldering iron/gun nnt exeeeding 40 watts and the solder ott ease o1 wrong position, just use lead absorber or lead extraetor wire to avoid prnoahle damage to the IC. Testing When the mwmhly it complete. LAdjust "(I and VRZ to the 1m. Move switch sw1 to position one. llSuppl)‘ 12V DC In the elreuiu Lu» and LEDS will he lighted on and relay will start vturkillg. arConneet into PROBE posr ronr LEDl-3 will he lighted our Then Liam will he oflnud r-elny will stop working. Lugs llCunnccl the wire from won positions and insert the metal probe into lite soil. 2.5npply power into the circuil anti obserye at LEnl-s, it the soil is dry. Lu) 1 will not he on. Then the water pump will start wnrking according tn the set-time and LEDl-l will he lighted on, NOTE: in ease otdry soil but LEDH is on.udjnrtv1u until Lhm-s is oil, Contra ng pm used for cunlrulling the time et'wat ' g. 2rvxz is used tor sdlusrlug the watering according to the soil cull \. 3,sw1 is used tor setting the moisture level when watering, which can be adjusted into 3 ditterent level V Leyel 1 for lowest moisture. Level 2 [or medium moisture. Lew-13 for highest moisture. 4.swz is used l'or stop ng the relslvr 5.1/ 01-3 ore-toil moisture lt-u-l LEI)! tor lowest. LEUZ tor rnediurn. LED] tor highest. Rm man é it“ Figure 1. The Automatic Sprinkler Control Circuit ms 1114 an K12 OM, m o Lms 1-“ mm man no so 2 am ,3, m o/o—wv—Dl— or m to sin y.- m i- o ' 1111 mm M — W .a. we I1 ml we r _ 220VAC FUTURE BOX F304 is Suilnble for Illls kil. RLglglUR 7 Rd W W lKlMMtll % POTENTIOMETER to to % TRAMlsToR so a 7/» TACTILE _ ( S®3N1TCH won» or nation one New Figure 3. Installing the Components l-‘Ll-‘ttleoLlet‘ % CAPACITOR CLRAMlC CAPACITOR r or D—loDE AND men DlUDk A A or? We? HIGH QUALITY ELECTRONIC KIT SET FOR HOBBY & EDUCATION

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