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GSK-1001: Solar Fan Kit
This circuit converts sunlight into electrical energy. The fan speed is controlled by the intensity of the sun
collected by the solar panel. This kit provides a rudimentary demonstration for how solar energy works.
Technical Specifications
zPower Source: Solar panel
zPower of solar panel: 4 VDC @ 60 mA
zSolar panel dimensions: 6 x 6 cm
Operating Principles
When the solar panel faces sunlight it converts the sun’s energy
into DC voltage. The DC voltage is utilized by the DC motor to turn
the fan. Fan speed will be determined by the intensity of the sun’s
energy collected by the solar panel.
Circuit Assembly
Please refer to Figure 2 for aid in circuit assembly.
This solar panel will not convert fluorescent light to DC voltage.
Special Handling Instruction
Extra care must be taken to ensure the solar panel’s positive
and negative connections do not touch causing a short circuit.
Damage to the solar panel may occur if the connections are short circuited.
Connect all components as shown in Figure 2. Make sure the red clip is connected to the positive pole and
the black clip to the negative pole. If the connections are reversed the fan will turn in reverse direction. The
brighter the sunlight, the faster the motor (fan) will turn. The fan will slow or stop moving with decreasing light.
The solar panel may be tested by connecting the positive pole and negative pole to a voltmeter. Turn the solar
panel towards the sun and any movement displayed by the voltmeter indicates the solar panel is functional. To
test the DC motor connect a 4.5-6.0 VDC power source to the motor. If the motor turns it is working.
2. DC motor
1. Three blade fan
3.Solar panel with leads
Figure 1 Kit Components
Solar Panel
Red Clip
DC Motor
RED dot
Back of DC Motor
Slide On
Black Clip
Fan Blade
Fan to Motor
Positive Pole.
Connect to
Red Clip.
Negative Pole.
Connect to
Red Clip.
Figure 2 Circuit Assembly

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