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Budget Pack for Metro 328 - with Assembled
Metro ATmega328P
This budget pack is an optimized collection of parts and pieces to experiment
with Adafruit Metro 328 and the Arduino IDE at home, school or work. Great for students
and those that want to get their feet wet, no soldering required!
Includes the Adafruit Metro 328 with thru-hole headers. The Metro is our take on the
most maker-friendly Arduino-compatible board. It is the culmination of years of playing
with electronics: we wanted to make a development board that is easy to use and is
hacker friendly. At the heart is an ATmega328P, with 32KB of flash and 2KB of RAM,
running at 16 MHz, the same chip used in the Arduino UNO
Power with 7-12V polarity protected DC or the micro USB connector to any 5V
USB source. The 2.1mm DC jack has an on/off switch next to it so you can turn
off your setup easily. The METRO will automagically switch between USB and
19 GPIO pins, 6 of which are Analog in as well, and 2 of which are reserved for
the USB-serial converter. There's also 6 PWMs available on 3 timers (1 x 16-bit,
2 x 8-bit). There's a hardware SPI port, hardware I2C port and hardware UART to
USB. Logic level is 5V but by cutting and soldering closed a jumper, you can
easily convert it to 3.3V logic
USB to Serial converter, there's a hardware USB to Serial converter that can be
used by any computer to listen/send data to the Metro, and can also be used to
launch and update code via the bootloader
Four indicator LEDs, on the front edge of the PCB, for easy debugging. One
green power LED, two RX/TX LEDs for the UART, and a red LED connected to
pin 13
Easy reprogramming, comes pre-loaded with the Optiboot bootloader, so you can
get started immediately.
Works with all Adafruit shields!
This pack has only the basics to get you started. That allows us to keep the price low
while giving you the choice of what shields, sensors and accessories to add in.
Once you have the pack, check out our free online Arduino IDE tutorials...they're
designed for everyone, even non-programmers!
Adafruit Metro w/Atmega328 - The latest and greatest, assembled and ready to
go, including 4 rubber feet to protect the board from the worktable
3' USB cable - Perfect for connecting your Arduino to a computer
Half-sized Breadboard - 400 connection points, plenty of room for beginner
projects, with 2 power rails on the side. Can be rubber-banded to an Arduino to
make a 1-penny devboard
65 flexible breadboard wires in 8 colors, perfect for use with the solderless
1K & 10K potentiometer - these pots have 0.1" spacing and fit very nicely into a
breadboard without modification
2 small pushbuttons - Snap into the breadboard for button inputs
5 bright red diffused LEDs (250mcd) - indicators, blinkies, bright enough to see
in the day, but diffused so that they are visible from all angles.
Red, green and blue ultra-bright LED - Can be used on their own, or color-
mixed to make nearly any color in the rainbow!
5 100 ohm resistors - They can be used to protect pin outputs when starting out
5 1K resistors - Good for use as LED limiting resistors
5 10K resistors - Great for pullups & pulldowns
CdS photocell - A light sensor!
Tutorials: Arduino tutorial
Revision history:
As of January 29 2018, we now ship with an Adafruit Metro 328, it is compatible
with all of our guides, tutorials, and videos that show an Arduino UNO and
As of April 4, 2018 we now ship with Adafruit Metro 328 with a CP2104 chip
instead of FT23x chip. the hardware is otherwise identical!

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