BA3812L Datasheet by Rohm Semiconductor

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Parameter Symbol Limits Unit Power supply vallage Vol: 15 v Power dissipation Pd 550 ‘ mW Operating temperature Topr —25~ +75 '0 Storage temperature Tstg 755~+125 ‘C * flawed W 55 MW loV saw imam In Ti 0! PC over 25ml Peremster Symbol Min Typ Msx. Unit Power supply voltage V09 3.5 B 16 v
Audio ICs
5-channel graphic equalizer
The BA3812L is a five-point graphic equalizer that has all the required functions integrated onto one IC. The IC is com-
prised of the five tone control circuits and input and output buffer amplifiers.
The BA3812L features low distortion, low noise, and wide dynamic range, and is an ideal choice for Hi-Fi stereo applica-
tions. It also has a wide operating voltage range (3.5V to 16V), which means that it can be adapted for use with most
types of stereo equipment.
The five center frequencies are independently set using external capacitors, and as the output stage buffer amplifier and
tone control section are independent circuits, fine control over a part of the frequency bandwidth is possible, By using
two BA3812Ls, it is possible to construct a 10-point graphic equalizer.
The amount of boost and cut can be set by external components.
Radio cassette players, home stereo systems and car stereo systems.
1) Minimizes the number of components required to
build a graphic equalizer.
2) Low distortion and low noise.
3) Wide operating power supply voltage range (3.5V to
4) Low current dissipation (5 mA).
5) Wide dynamic range (VOM = 2.1Vrms /VCC = 8V).
6) Built-in input and output buffer amplifiers.
Absolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25C)
Recommended operating conditions (Ta = 25C)
h 3mm °“ ~ film at E M 3 w '" 3| [E . -‘ ‘9. E "' 3 mi E E " cum” El we. WW IE II we. 25 .. E t? :I .t m WE .. mm mm Parameler mmbol Mln. Typ. Max. Unil Commons Quiesoent cummt ie 2.5 5 a a 0 mA — Maximum output voltage ch 1,5 2,1 — v THD=1 96 Tomi hamionlc distortion THD — am 0 i 96 Vow=120mV. i=1kHz Culpul noise voltage V.» — 5 20 it v HiN=IOkQ input/output gain Gv —245 —o,s 1 5 as aflggg‘W/“pu‘ 9”" ”"9" a” "5' Control range GR in) $12.0 :14 as vtN=2oomv
Audio ICs BA3812L
Block diagram
Electrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25C, VCC = 8V, and fin = 1kHz)
a”; 'fi-éfl $5“? 'nmu mutate a we mam A vlmoan a llama mom nun mum. my Flg.1 mm“ “mm J Fig. 2 “>an slngle channel graphlc equalizer clmun
Audio ICs BA3812L
Measurement circuit
Application example
El. E5 ~ 3—1. fifiT LE E AL AL ffijmfii’ Fig. 3 7-polnl stereo graphic equallzer clrcull
Audio ICs BA3812L
By using more than one IC the following applications are
also possible:
(1) 10-point single-channel graphic equalizer
As shown in Fig. 2, with two ICs it is possible to construct
a 10-point single-channel graphic equalizer,
(2) 7-point stereo graphic equalizer
As shown in Fig. 3, with three ICs it is possible to
construct a 7-point stereo graphic equalizer. Two
BA3812L ICs are used to construct a 5-point stereo
graphic equalizer, and two of the active inductor circuits
from a third BA3812L are added to each.
voc BMIZL nu Re A: Run-mm f—II—J m—aam C On our L» VR loom Flg. 4 R.-mm _ _ m g z ' >* a E 3 w < a="" k="" _="" g="" 8=""> 5 § ‘ § § 2 3 8 A a 12 Is 20 —§fl —25 o 25 so 15 um 350 —25 o a so 75 mo powsa sumv vomes: leV? malsm TEMPERAI'URE :1. 1b) mausm TEMPERATURE :1. m Flg. 5 Quiescent current vs. n9, 3 0.1.3509.“ current vs, Flg. 7 DC output voltage vs. power supply voltage emblem (empe[a|u[e ambient lempelatuve
Audio ICs BA3812L
Solid-state inductor
A solid state inductor uses an active element and has the
equivalent function of an inductor. The circuit shown in
Fig. 4 is used in the BA3812L. This circuit employs two
capacitors, a potentiometer, and a bias capacitor as ex-
ternal components, everything else is on the chip.
The resonance frequency (fo) and the Q of the circuit are
fixed by the values of the external capacitors.
The circuit Q is obtained from the following formula:
Q =
The resonance frequency is obtained from the following
fo (Hz) = (R: , C: F)
Q is the factor that determines the bandwidth of the fre-
quency. If the amount of boost and cut are the same for
the same resonance frequency, the larger the value of Q,
the narrower the resonant frequency band.
Electrical characteristic curves
mm HAmoNIc DISTOMION :mnm I 1(1ij surname) N A . I n 1 1 (>um vowvss : vomM rnsouzmv :1th mo 1k m Fig. 3 Dlslonion vs. output voltage Fig, 9 Vanage gam vs. Frequency 2.5:02 2,202 5m; 99:05 [ o ‘fiflflflflflflflflflflfl flflfl‘ % m eutnl Lawns 27s 2 Own ZIPIS
External dimensions (Units: mm)
Audio ICs BA3812L

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