1461069 Drawing Datasheet by TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays

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IIIIs III-mm Is nurumsxm 71me m. III—mun REVISIONS u WI), © leIGHl ' ’ LII DE MON NE W MD A Helen" 0:70:40" ELL FE mm D D pm ND mm a PART A IYEM mum-5 Izv DM-SH-Hm A CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (30mm VIEW) DRILLING DIAGRAM (50mm VIEW) “6va 2W W’smw a i HIL‘ i ImzsIIvIIc ‘GA zsuI~ I IDA YEVDC GA 25 I mmn rI F m... LI om I I I I c 2..I _ IlkI C 7 m mg 5 mm no. svsrw ILs mm In new w sm (ma sn) I4 7 mm EFOXV RESI sm I3 ; Lug] W479 mum WIRE I2 I VEAR HCP con. TERMINAL II a I LIERIAINAL wwsm Is NM IucLunmc sown IIp, um Vin Pm BOEBIN I0 : IJ lFDR IHE IIILPLAIING or THE PINS um v—o pm CASE 9 +D.Imm FDR WIDWITHIBKNE$ AND DIAMUER Hm u_u III. W M III M mm mm a B Ag ALLDV Mir/ABLE comm 7 B an AIM mm: sum: 5 Cu may NC 15mm 5 a. may No TERMINAL I OH PLATED SYEEL DORE 3 1 m mm) SYEEL “wax: mm c z _ Ni mm: 51m m: I — , W W a mcwausnaIuIv mnmzm MATERIAL DESCRIPTION IIEM ’ THIS DRAWING IS A CONTROLLED DOCUMENT. m - ‘ “HAMLIN“ —_ TE TE ConnecI'IvIIy I W“ amatzfi .555" w: m ‘ UNNV HANG n m t, wanum sun: A mum I m g, 7 ORWHrS'rI'WNDQO CUSTOMER DRAWING A u... II». 2.. 1 M *- IzIW mm” Mm. 3 m , wumm svzc In... M Mm ‘5‘; 1 7 an: 41¢:qu nwxcw Immune “mm m“. WIVEM ms" WM _ a _ 7 mm mm , 7 A3 oo779© 1461069 5 CUSTOMER DRAWING l“ 321 "" 1 WI “V A Ian I (VII)

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