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Recommended Accessories
Model SMI6-12-V-P230-C1
12 VDC Power Supply,
International AC Input & Blades
Before you begin, be
sure you have the following:
RS-232, 4-Channel Optical Isolator
+ 9POP4 RS-232 Optical Isolator (included)
+ 12 VDC Power Supply (sold separately)
Loopback Test
1. Use a DB9 female to DB9 male cable to connect a PC
to the DCE port.
2. (Recommended) Connect a DB9 female to DB9 female
cable to the DTE port.
3. On the DTE Port, jumper Pin 2 to Pin 3 and Pin 7 to Pin
8 on the female end of the cable. This loops TD to RD
and CTS to RTS.
4.Using hyper-terminal or a similar program, connect to
the appropriate COM port (remember to set the baud
rate to 9600).Turn off hyper terminal local echo
5. Transmit data. The same data should be returned.
Product Overview "7 WWW“ 089 Maw ’“ "NW“ Rn mun Data Tsrrmna‘ E 35 RD LourPun 5” (DTEJ mmm: ms (mm) "5 (aumm ms (uuwun ms “mun DCE (Female) DTE (Male) 033T":- 339 “mm use Male D39 Female DCE DTE DCE Ph 2 ‘— Ph 2 Pin 2 ‘— Ph 2 Ph 3 —> Ph 3 Pin 3 —> Ph 3 * Ph 5 — Ph 5 Pl! 5 — Pa 5 Pin 7 —> Ph 7 Ph 7 —> Ph 7 Ph 8 <— ph="" 8="" ph="" 8="" ‘—="" ph="" 8="" pin="" 1="" .="" [ph="" 4="" pin="" ‘]="" .="" ph="" 5="" pins="">
Product Overview
DB9 Pinouts Power
2 4
1. The two sides of the isolator are powered from a single
+12VDC power supply and maintain isolation. This
powering configuration allows the device to be run in
any system with only a single power supply, regardless
of the power levels on the RS-232 ports.
2. In order to maintain the required isolation, use the
recommended power supply. Using an unregulated
power supply may negate the isolation.
3. Recommended power supply:
Model SMI6-12-V-P230-C1 (available from Advantech
B+B SmartWorx)
2500V optical isolation protection
DB9 Male
Data Terminal Equipment
DB9 Female
Data Communications Equipment
12 VDC Power Jack,
2.5mm center positive
Pin Signal DCE DTE
1DCD Output Input
2RD Output Input
3TD Input Output
4DTR Input Output
5GND -- --
6DSR Output Input
7RTS Input Output
8CTS Output Input
9RI Output Input
1. DTE stands for “Data Terminal Equipment.” DTE include
computers, PLC’s, and most devices which are not used
to extend communications. (Think COMPUTER for DTE.)
2. DCE stands for “Data Communications Equipment.” DCE
includes devices intended to plug directly into a DTE
port; modems or devices that extend communications
like a modem, such as RS-422, RS-485, or fiber optic
converters or radio modems. (Think MODEM for DCE.)
3. On the DCE (female) side, Pins 1, 4, and 6 are tied
together internally.
4. On the DTE (male) side, Pins 4 and 6 are tied together
Wiring Example

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