09110006232 Drawing Datasheet by HARTING

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13 Ln LI'\ 0c)~ LI"; 8» 8 @115 number of crimps Q3115 crimp zone assembly notes see catalog crimp zone acc. to DIN EN 46235; indicator 8 for stranded fine wire acc. to VDE 0295 class 5/IEC 60228 ciass 5 wire gauge: 16mm2 stripping length: 15,5mm (E) Deparimen EL PD _ DE Aii Dimensians in mm State Fizz size m m Originai SiZE DiN AL 21 Suh Aii rights reserved Created by inspected ty Standardisation naia State RULLKUETTER SEHNiEDER SEHMiDTM 2015-014)? Finai Raiaase Titia HARTiNG Eiaciric 6th i. [a KE D7323” Espeikamp Han TCiO femaie contact iémm2 WM imuamiu Baum / 5mm JUU/WS/B iB "W09 11 000 6232 MB my i/i AA

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