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Technical Data 0402-MLP
Effective August 2017
Supersedes March 2007
Product features
ESD suppressor
Ultra-low capacitance (0.05 pF typ.) ideal for high
speed data applications
Provides ESD protection with fast response time
(<1 ns) allowing equipment to pass IEC 61000-4-2
level 4 test
Single-line, bi-directional device for placement
Low profile 0402/1005 design for board space
Low leakage current (<0.1 nA typ.) reduces power
ESD port protection for mobile/smart phones
Game console ESD port protection
High speed ESD data port protection
Tablets, notebooks, netbooks, laptops
High definition television (HDTV)
Media players
Digital cameras
Medical equipment
Computers and peripherals ESD port protection
Consumer electronics
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Packaging
0402ESDA-MLP7 10,000 pieces in paper tape on
7" (178mm) reel
0402ESDA-MLP8 2,500 pieces in paper tape on
7" (178mm) reel
Electrical Characteristics
Characteristic Value
Rated Voltage 30 VDC maximum
Clamping Voltage135 V typical
Trigger Voltage2300 V typical
Capacitance (@1 MHz) 0.05 pF typ., 0.15 pF max.
Attenuation Change (0-6 GHz) -0.2 dB typical
Leakage Current (@12 VDC) <0.1 nA typical
ESD Capability
8 kV typical
IEC61000-4-2 Direct Discharge
IEC61000-4-2 Air Discharge 15 kV typical
ESD Pulse Withstand1>1000 typical
1. Per IEC61000-4-2, Level 4 waveform (8 kV direct, 30 A)
measured 30ns after initiation of pulse.
2. Trigger measurement made using Transmission Line Pulse
(TLP) method.
3. Minor shifting in characteristics may be observed over
multiple ESD pulses at very rapid rate.
Surface Mount Device
Discontinued effective June 1, 2010
or until inventory is depeleted.
Recommended replacement is
0402ESDA-MLP1 data sheet #4367
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August 2017
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Technical Data 0402-MLP
Effective August 2017
ESD suppressor
Product Dimensions: mm [inches] Solder Pad Recommendation:
mm [inches]
Design Considerations
The location in the circuit for the MLP family has to be carefully determined. For better performance, the device should be placed
as close to the signal input as possible and ahead of any other component. Due to the high current associated with an ESD
event, it is recommended to use a “0-stub” pad design (pad directly on the signal/data line and second pad directly on common
Environmental Specifications:
• Load Humidity: 12VDC per EIA/IS-772 Para. 4.4.2, +85°C, 85% RH for 1000 hours
• Thermal Shock: EIA/IS-722 Para 4.6, Air to Air -55°C to +125°C, 5 cycles
• Moisture Resistance Test: MIL-STD-202G Method 106G, 10 cycles
• Mechanical Shock: EIA/IS-722 Para. 4.9
• Vibration: EIA/IS-722 Para. 4.10
• Resistance to Solvent: EIA/IS-722 Para. 4.11
• Operating & Storage Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
Soldering Recommendations
• Compatible with lead and lead-free solder reflow processes
• Peak reflow temperatures and durations:
• IR Reflow = 260°C max for 10 sec. max.
Wave Solder = 260°C max. for 10 sec. max.
Recommended IR Reflow Profile:
Discontinued effective June 1, 2010
or until inventory is depeleted.
Recommended replacement is
0402ESDA-MLP1 data sheet #4367

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