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O Microsemi. Power Matters."
Reliable and Scalable Midspan Injectors and Switches
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
The Pioneers of PoE
PoE Simplified
Embracing the PoE-driven Future
PoE Systems: Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial
PoE Systems: Accessories
PowerView Pro SNMPv3 Cloud-based Power Management
PoE Selection Guide
The Pioneers of Power over Ethernet (PoE)
2016 2015
• PoE ++
• 60 W
• IEEE 802.3bt
• 90 W
• N-Base-T/
IEEE 802.3bz
• Multigigabit
PoE Solution
• 90 W
• PoE goes outdoor
• 60 W
• 16.8 W
• PoE ++
• 95 W
• IEEE 802.3af
• 15.4 W
• IEEE 802.3at
• PoE +/PoE Plus
• 30 W
• 30 W
Microsemi has been a leading provider of end-to-end PoE
ICs and midspan injectors since 1999, with the broadest
PoE product portfolio for indoor and outdoor deployments.
As a market leader in PoE since the technology’s inception,
Microsemi has been instrumental in implementing the
IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3bt, and HDBaseT
standards. Microsemi continues to innovate PoE solutions
with the aim of supporting newer applications demanding
higher power, greater speed, and challenging indoor and
outdoor specifications, while ensuring lower OpEx and faster
\\\\ \\\\\\\\ POE Exkender
PoE Simplified
PoE Extender PTZ Dome Camera
Zero ClientAccess PointThin ClientIP PhonePTZ Dome Camera
Management Station Data and Power
100 m100 m
Have you or your customers ever attempted to install
devices on a network, only to find out that it would either
be too cumbersome or too costly to add a power outlet at
what seemed like the perfect location? If so, then you have
encountered the need for PoE.
PoE is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need
for electric power infrastructure, enabling quick and easy
installation of powered devices (PDs) such as IP telephones,
WLAN access points, security cameras, and other IP-based
terminals. It allows PDs to receive power in parallel to data
over the existing Ethernet infrastructure while keeping the
structured cabling safe and not interfering with concurrent
network operation.
Embracing the PoE-driven Future
Diversified Portfolio
Well-known for innovation and quality, Microsemi offers a
broad portfolio of PoE solutions from 15 W to 95 W of full
power: single and multi-port midspan injectors/switches and
accessories, addressing unique requirements of both indoor
and outdoor environments. Microsemi PoE systems deliver
power over a single category 5/5E/6/6A/7 cable, support
10/100/1000/10000 data rates, and are available in
1, 4, 6, 12, or 24 ports.
YOUser Centricity
Microsemi partners have discovered value in innovative
solutions, addressing the unique requirements of various
industries while offering significant business benefits. Microsemi
is proud to have been a part of their journey.
There’s value for each one of you. Microsemi ensures highly
reliable products with significant return-on-investment for both
system integrators and end-users.
Integrators End-users
Increase sales using vendor-agnostic solutions
Reduce project costs by eliminating the need for
electrical retrofitting
Accelerate time-to-market with quick and seamless
Maximize profits with remote infrastructure management
Address power requirements with integrated solutions
Provide ongoing value with a lifetime PoE product warranty
Generate power savings with remote control and
monitoring of operation, scheduling, and diagnostics
Expand user networks effortlessly with increased
installation flexibility
Reduce initial investment by eliminating separate data
and power infrastructures
Increase flexibility by installing access points and
surveillance cameras in the most appropriate locations
Optimize costs with remote shutdowns of access
points when not in use
Improve reliability with cost-effective centralized
backup power
Enhance safety by not using high-voltage power lines
Reduce maintenance costs with remote infrastructure
Scale network easily and seamlessly by adding new
devices as needed
PoE Systems: Indoor
IEEE 802.3af-compliant 15.4 W PoE Midspan Injectors
All products in this table have AC input power.
Product PD-3501G PD-3504G PD-65xxG Family
Number of ports 1 4
6 (PD-6506G)
12 (PD-6512G)
24 (PD-6524G)
Remote management
IEEE 802.3at-compliant 30 W PoE Midspan Injectors
Product PD-5501G PD-5524G PD-90xxG Family PD-9001GR/AT PD-9004G
Number of ports 1 24
6 (PD-9006G)
12 (PD-9012G)
24 (PD-9024G)
1 4
Input power DC AC and DC AC and DC AC AC
Remote management
• •
All Microsemi PoE products support Gigabit data rates or higher and are backward compatible.
PoE Systems: Indoor
IEEE 802.3at-compliant 60 W to 95 W PoE Midspan Injectors
Product PD-95xxG Family PD-9501G PD-9501GR PD-9601G PD-96xxG Family
Number of ports
6 (PD-9506G)
12 (PD-9512G)
24 (PD-9524G)
1116 (PD-9606G)
12 (PD-9612G)
Power level 60 W 60 W 60 W 95 W 95 W
Input power AC and DC DC AC AC AC and DC
management • •
IEEE 802.3at-compliant Multigigabit Solutions
All products in this table have 30 W of AC input power.
Product PDS-EM-8100-25/AC PD-9001-25GR/AC PD-9001-10GR/AC
Number of ports 2 x 1 (1G) = 1 (2.5G) 1 1
Data rate 2.5G 2.5G 10G
All Microsemi PoE products support Gigabit data rates or higher and are backward compatible.
PoE Systems: Indoor
IEEE 802.3at-compliant Indoor for Outdoor PoE Midspan Injectors
All products in this table are single port, with AC power, and inbuilt surge protection.
Product PD-9001GR/SP PD-9501GR/SP
Power level 30 W 60 W
Extended temperature range –10 ºC to 55 ºC –10 ºC to 40 ºC at 60 W
–10 ºC to 55 ºC at 30 W
IEEE 802.3at-compliant Media Converter
Product PD-9501G/SFP
Number of ports 3 (1 SFP, 2 RJ45)
Power level 60 W
Input power AC
IEEE 802.3at-compliant PoE Switch for Digital Ceiling
Product PDS-208G
Number of ports 10 (8 PoE ports + 2 data uplinks)
Power level 30 W (any 1 port up to 72 W in full power mode)
Input power AC
Design Fanless
Remote management
All Microsemi PoE products support Gigabit data rates or higher and are backward compatible.
PoE Systems: Outdoor
PoE Midspan Injectors and Surge Protector
All products in this table are single port with inbuilt surge protection.
Product PD-9001GO-ET PD-9501GO-ET PD-9501GO PD-9601GO PD-OUT/SP11
Power level 30W 60 W 30 W and 60 W 90W 95W
IEEE 802.3at compliant
IP67/IP66 compliant IP67 IP67 IP66 IP66 IP66
Input power AC AC DC AC
Extended temperature
range –40 °C to 65 °C –40 °C to 65 °C –40 °C to 55 °C (30 W)
–40 °C to 50 °C (60 W) –40 °C to 65 °C –40 °C to 85 °C
IEEE 802.3at-compliant Switches
Product PDS-104GO
Number of ports 5 (1 SFP data input, 4 PoE outputs)
Power level 30 W and 60 W
Extended temperature range –40 °C to 50 °C
Extended network reach 100 m
Inbuilt critical surge protection
IP66 compliant
Input power AC
Remote power management
All Microsemi PoE products support Gigabit data rates or higher and are backward compatible.
PoE Systems: Industrial
PoE Systems: Accessories
Testers, Splitters, Extenders
PD-AFAT-Tester PD-AS-601/5 PD-AS-951/12-24 PoE Extender
Tests the presence of power
over Ethernet
Converts power
from 48 V to 5 V
PoE in, data + power out
(12 VDC or 24 VDC)
Extends network reach
by 100 m
Indicates the type of power
source Supports up to 10 W Supports up to 60 W Supports up to 30 W
IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at,
4 pairs PSE
DC jacks:
3.4 mm × 1.35 mm,
5.5 mm × 2.5 mm
DC jacks:
2.5 mm × 6.4 mm,
5.5 mm × 2.5 mm,
3.4 mm × 1.4 mm
PoE in/PoE out extender
IEEE 802.3at-compliant Midspan Injectors
All products in this table are single port, with DC input power, a –40 °C to 75 °C extended temperature range, IP30 industrial
standard compliant, and shock/freefall/vibration resistant.
Product PD-9001GI PD-9501GI
Power level 30 W 60 W
All Microsemi PoE products support Gigabit data rates or higher and are backward compatible.
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PowerView Pro SNMPv3 Cloud-based Power Management
Infrastructure management at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere!
Key Benefits
Up to 68% savings per device through scheduled power
24/7 business uptime
• Improve reliability by actively monitoring UPS for
centralized power backup
• Manage power flow to critical and non-critical devices
Increased network efficiency
• Monitor network statistics for usage and availability
Convenience of remote management
• Access and manage network devices in real time,
regardless of your geographic location
Key Features
Available on multiport units (65XX,90XX,95XX)
Supports SNMP V3 IPV4 and 6
Supports needed security features: HTTPS, SSH,
Offers integration with RADIUS server
Offers integration with SNMP UPS to prioritize ports
in case of power failure
Offers port scheduling (turns on/off, saves energy,
and protects from intrusion)
PoE Selection Guide
Outdoor PoE Solutions
Ruggedized/Industrial PoE Solutions
per Port Product Number of Ports Data
Power Warranty
30 W/60 W PDS-104GO/AC/M 5 (1 SFP data input, 4 PoE outputs) 1G Yes AC 5 years
30 W PD-9001GO-ET/AC 1 1G AC 5 years
60 W PD-9501GO-ET/AC 1 1G AC 5 years
30 W/60 W PD-9501GO/12 V DC to 24 V DC 1 1G DC 5 years
30 W/60 W PD-9501GO/48 V DC 1 1G DC 5 years
90 W PD-9601GO/AC 1 1G AC 5 years
95 W PD-OUT/SP11 1-port outdoor surge protector 1G 5 years
Power per Port Product Number of Ports Data Rate Input Power Warranty
30 W PD-9001GI/DC 1 1G DC 5 years
60 W PD-9501GI/DC 1 1G DC 5 years
per Port Product Number
of Ports
Power Warranty
15.4 W
1 1G AC 1 year
15.4 W
4 1G AC 1 year
15.4 W
6/12/24 1G Yes AC Limited lifetime***
30 W
1 2.5G AC 1 year
30 W
1 2.5G AC 1 year
30 W
1 10G AC 1 year
30 W
1 1G AC 1 year
30 W
4 1G AC 1 year
30 W
6/12/24 1G Yes AC and DC Limited lifetime***
30 W
PD-5501G/12 V to 24 V DC
1 1G DC 1 year
30 W
24 1G Yes AC and DC Limited lifetime***
30 W
1 1G AC 1 year
30 W
10 (8 PoE ports + 2 data uplinks) 1G AC 3 years
60 W
1 1G AC 1 year
60 W
PD-9501G/24 V DC
1 1G DC 1 year
60 W
PD-9501G/48 V DC
1 1G DC 1 year
60 W
6/12/24 1G Yes AC and DC Limited lifetime***
60 W
1 1G AC 1 year
60 W
1 1G AC 1 year
95 W
1 1G AC 1 year
95 W
6/12 1G Yes AC and DC Limited lifetime***
*Any individual port can operate at up to 72 W.
**Includes integrated surge protection.
***Limited lifetime includes a limitation of 16 years warranty on the power supply and ventilator.
Indoor PoE Solutions
WWW; \ WLAN Access Point matio Kio LED IIEA m)», Access Control G Microsemi Power Matters:
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Unlock the Full Potential of PoE In a Wide Range of Applications
Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for aerospace
& defense, communications, data center and industrial markets. Products include high-performance and radiation-hardened
analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and synchronization
devices and precise time solutions, setting the world’s standard for time; voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete
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IP Camera
IP Phone
Access Control
Access Point
PoE Injectors
and Switches
Microsemi Empower Partner Program
Partnerships are at the core of Microsemi’s success. Microsemi offers Empower,
a comprehensive channel partner program designed to educate and inspire our
partners with industry-leading PoE solutions. For more information, please email

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