IT MAY NOT BE DISCLOSED TO ANYONE, OTHER THAN CW INDUSTRIES PERSONNEL WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM CW INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED, SOUTHAMPTON. PENNSYLVANIA USA, THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY T0 CW INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED AND [TS AFFILIATES. Rating 16(4)A 250v AC Mounting Hole Clrcull: @= (D cwus 1a 180 \y, 1.5m! Contact Resistance 50m ohm Max. Insulation Resistance DC 500V 100M ohm Mln. Dielectric Strength AC 1500V 1 minute Swltch Function 4P DPST 0N~OFF Operation Temp. o°c~ss°c 34 _ ——I KEYWA_Y 21 .5:I:0.3 I 10.3. Will). 20.5 MATERIAL: Frame: Nylon 6/6. Black UL Flame: 94-V0 Lever: Metal Terminal: Copper Alloy Water proof and Dust Proof to fit lP-56 ¢6t0.3 MMW DATE CODE l0.5 Aolaiom RoHS Compliant 6‘3i0.1 L4 Tolerances Unless Otherwise Speclfied +/-0.5. 1; Updmd m [not-s, 'A INDUSTRIES Southampton, Pa. 15965 Tel 215.355.7080]www.cwind,com Date Drawn: 8/09/12 Unit: mm Title: TOGGLE SWITCH Rev. 1 giffled 6 guLd CW PIN: GTS448F101AHR