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Everything you need to make your life easier
Fluke CarePlans
Help your customers decrease
costs and increase productivity.
Fluke Corporation introduces
new CarePlans. These
CarePlans provide your
customer the highest
level of service at the best
price available.
The CarePlans are easy to
purchase and register. They
provide premium coverage
to your customer from the
moment of registration. These
CarePlans allow your customer
to control costs and reduce
worry through the life of their
instrument. They guarantee
that your customer’s
instrument is ready to work
when they are.
No other service provider
can match the features of
the Fluke CarePlans.
Gold CarePlans
These plans are for customers that
calibrate their products annually.
Instrument CarePlan
Instrument CarePlan
Key features
Customer receives three day NIST traceable calibration with data
Extends the customer’s existing product warranty by two years
Customer receives free repairs with guaranteed five day in house
repair (including calibration)
Customer units will not be delayed waiting for purchase orders—
their instruments will be processed immediately
Customer receives a serialized product with simple registration
All necessary upgrades will be added to the customers unit free
of charge
Customers receive prepaid priority freight on return of instrument
Customers receive an average 40 % discount from standard calibra-
tion pricing with free repairs
All of these features begin the moment that your customer registers.
Silver CarePlans
These plans are for customers
who do not calibrate their
products annually.
Key features
Customer receives comprehensive repair coverage
Customer warranty is extended by two years for a fraction of the
price of a single repair
Customer receives free repairs with guaranteed five days in house
turn around time
Customer receives calibration after repair
Customer units will not be delayed waiting for purchase orders—
their instruments will be processed immediately
Customer receives a serialized product with simple registration
Customer receives prepaid priority freight on return of instrument
All of these features begin the moment that your customer registers.
Here’s how they work:
Your customer orders their CarePlan from you. You
send them the serialized product and they register
immediately. If their unit needs service from that
point on, they will receive priority service from the
factory. Your customers will receive notifications
when their instruments are due for calibration.
These plans are completely transferable. If a
covered unit comes in for service, it will receive free,
expedited service even if the customer does not
know that they are covered.
Qualifying for the CarePlans
You may sell a Fluke CarePlan with the instrument
sale or up to four months after you have shipped the
covered product.
Products covered
Gold and Silver CarePlans are offered on all products
in the following categories with suggested list prices
above $300:
Power quality tools
Earth ground testers
Insulation testers
Clamp meters
Process calibration tools
Indoor air quality monitors
Portable oscilloscopes
IR thermometers
Digital multimeters (Gold CarePlan option only
because they already come with a lifetime war-
ranty. The Gold CarePlan for Digital Multimeters
includes seven annual calibrations.)
Thermographic imagers have unique Gold, Silver,
and Bronze CarePlans which include loaners and are
not part of this program.
There are 30 CarePlans covering all of Fluke prod-
ucts. Use the CarePlan datasheet to find out which
CarePlan covers which product.
When Fluke introduces a new product, we will
simply add the product onto the CarePlan datasheet.
Need some help selling
Fluke CarePlans?
Here are some questions to ask:
Gold customers
1. Why calibrate with Fluke Corporation versus
another calibration service? Many third party
calibrations do not provide all manufacturers
specified measurement points during a calibra-
tion. While this may allow them to charge less for
a calibration, it also gives you less confidence in
the results. Fluke Gold CarePlans provide Fluke
2. Would you like to save over 40 % on annual
calibrations? Fluke Gold CarePlans save you 40 %
of the cost of annual calibrations.
3. Do your auditors require a NIST traceable cali-
bration sheet with data? Fluke Gold CarePlans
are NIST traceable and always include data.
Silver customers
1. Can you afford to be without your instrument?
Fluke Silver CarePlans provide the fastest turn-
around time possible.
2. Do you need to control costs? Fluke Silver Care-
Plans are purchased up front and cost a fraction
of a single repair price. In addition, your unit is
calibrated at the Fluke factory before it is returned.
Who is interested in CarePlans:
Gold CarePlans
Customers in regulated industries
Customers who regularly request NIST traceable
data with their instruments
Customers who want controlled costs
Customers in larger companies
Examples: Industrial electricians, manufacturing,
plant managers
Silver CarePlans
Customers who don’t calibrate
Customers who can’t be without their instruments
Customers who want controlled costs
Examples: Commercial electricians, building
inspectors, facilities managers
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