202K111 Spec Control Drawing Datasheet by TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine

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tuna Electronics Specification Control Drawing Raychem 202K111 .; Part as Supptied. T T :I ,/ Dar: often unrestri: moovcrg. c, 1 MENS .‘ 0 IS A? ”‘gfifi‘g’f‘ H J P R i J W JW PM No Min Mai Min Max Max any. Max i10% :20z :2nz a n c i) b b b L b b WV,” 17 as 17' 39 24 1.7 0.9 718 0,7 ‘ \‘ (0,57) {0 27) (0.57) a 54> {0,341 (0.073 (a 04> (0,43> (0,03) m i oh E {i J ‘9‘ a [his MW” W We ”may or ‘ Eivctrwws w m. w drawing i: ,SSM on :w mg Mn my u .5 no: can» »wm:ea m mug-ea m 1 m w , aims, in w “‘0 an in par! mm: [he prior mum consent 5'; use new“ v in ‘::-L5 1 Date January 2002 Conforms to ISO :eeominenaauws 1rd AngLa P‘nJech/m é” Not [3 5w B’@ Me, n
um «Wm Specific: n RayChem Control Drawing 202K111 ”We 1 15:. Date E'Eoé' Detoxls o; Ehcmgs A [ L Adhcswc Glam Number n! requmod see ConoahbrLrtg Char-L} 7 MatemcL Dash Numom (see compot‘bshl}; mam 78559 Part Numoc" "CONN—53"“ TLIW‘Y CHA?T\ at Dosh Numbe' CV“OL Oescr‘xpt‘on SPEC aner Conwag ‘w’n-zh Number DOLYOLEF‘N. SEWJ-‘IGJD R7730! Rpmm /42 /BE DOUOL VIN ME IBLE PT—‘304 QKV 704 /42 Hit? ELASTOMFP FLUID RESISTANT W432: RKib/U #36 025 "gum CAN EOMNFy A! FlFXJBLE QWZGUE x42 TE Ln '3) A5 4.47;)1md amer‘s‘cms To For wner‘ counmg w; adasu Ontr‘y (hamster-5 «m r-edure by 7.5m Max. goo etefiromcfi CorparoL on 300, ConLL‘LuL‘ov» Urwe, Mersmre, 3N? 5m HenLo Pmk, CA 94025 USA 701(4)erwa 155m 36'73860 F nrhcng. (C1793) 528‘?” Fox. 5/ Cm; Jade K3030 Cage Code 05090

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