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TT Electronics/IRC

IRC, una empresa de TT electronics, diseña y fabrica componentes electrónicos para clientes del mercado de electrónica industrial, energía, transporte, medicina, defensa y aeroespacial.


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Image of TT Electronics/IRC's Open Air Sense Resistors

Open Air Sense Resistors

TT Electronics/IRC provides their OARS-XP series metal element resistors, with the ability to withstand high surge currents.

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On Line Input Resistors

Duration: 10 minutes

The definition and functions of a line input resistor in a power supply circuit, TT Electronics' product offering, and tools for support.

RES .250 OHM 0.5W 1% 1206 SMD

Current Sense Resistor Products

Duration: 10 minutes

IRC current sense resistors have thick film and bulk resistive alloy technologies, making them applicable to the computer and automotive industries.

RES 0.020 OHM 2W 1% FLAT SMD

Open Air Resistor Surface Mount

Duration: 15 minutes

Extend product life, improve efficiency, enhance reliability, and more in power supply and motor controller applications with OARS from TT Electronics.

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TaNFilm® Technology Exhibits Superior Moisture Performance Characteristics of Tantalum Nitride

Providing design engineers with a demonstration of thin film resistive elements that are immune from corrosion problems in humid environments, TT electronics has developed a video about their patented precision thin film resistor technology.