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- VPG/Micro-Measurements has developed, manufactured, and marketed strain gages, instruments, and accessories for high-precision strain and stress management since 1962.

VPG/Micro-Measurements selection of strain gages includes open-face general-purpose gages, its revolutionary CEA gages, temperature sensors, crack propagation gages, weldable gages, hybrid sensors, and more. Accessories for the installation of its electrical resistance strain gages range from surface preparation materials, solder, adhesives, and tools to final environmental coatings. Formulated in-house by VPG/Micro-Measurements, its coatings and bonding adhesives are recognized throughout the industry for their performance and batch-to-batch consistency.


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Image of Vishay Precision Group's Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder

Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder

Micro-Measurements Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder is a portable, battery-operated instrument capable of simultaneously accepting.

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Image of Vishay Precision Group's CEA-Series Gages

CEA-Series Gages

Micro-Measurements CEA-series gages are the most widely accepted for use in general-purpose experimental stress analysis applications in the world today.

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StrainSmart® Data Systems Overview (Product Info)

Overview of Micro-Measurements StrainSmart Data Systems and Software for data acquisition, conditioning, reduction, and presentation of measurement data from strain gages and related sensors for stress analysis and structural materials testing.

M-Bond 610 Adhesive Used on WK-Series Strain Gage

The recommended procedures and materials needed for bonding a Micro-Measurements WK-Series strain gage with Option W using M-Bond 610 Adhesive are covered in this video.

Bonding Strain Gages

This video shows how to properly bond a CEA series strain gage with M-Bond 200 adhesive.

Surface Preparation for Strain Gages

How to properly prepare steel and aluminum alloy surfaces for bonding strain gages.

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