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- Amprobe Test Tools comenzó a finales de 1940 con su primer producto patentado: el amperímetro de pinza. A lo largo de estos últimos 60 años, el nombre de Amprobe se ha convertido en sinónimo de medidores con abrazadera y desde entonces ha ampliado su oferta a más de 250 artículos de productos.


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Image of Amprobe's IRC-110 Thermal Camera

IRC-110 Thermal Camera

Amprobe's IRC-110 infrared camera provides a visual heat map image for quick and accurate identification of temperature related issues.

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Image of Amprobe's DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer

DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer

Amprobe's DM-5 is safety tested to meet the world’s most prestigious safety standards and is rated to CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V.

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AM-500 Digital Multimeter Series

AM-500 digital multimeter series from Amprobe includes six models for applications ranging from residential to industrial.

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Image of Amprobe's BT-250 Breaker Tracer

BT-250 Breaker Tracer

The BT-250 breaker tracer from Amprobe identifies circuit breaker location and works on systems from 90 to 280 VAC.

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Image of Amprobe's AMB-25 Insulation Tester

AMB-25 Insulation Tester

Amprobe's AMB-25 digital megohmmeter features rugged, durable design and an internal memory.

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Image of Amprobe's 33XR-A and 37XR-A Multimeter

33XR-A and 37XR-A

33XR-A digital multimeter and 37XR-A True RMS digital multimeter from Amprobe feature Magne-Grip Holder with magnetic hanging strap.

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MO-100 Milliohm Meter Product Overview Video

Portable and battery powered, this meter has the power to diagnose motor, generator, and transformer problems with confidence before they become a problem.

AM-500 Series Digital Multimeter

The Amprobe AM-570 is the best multimeter in its class, designed for professional electricians who need to maintain service or troubleshoot advanced electrical systems in the most demanding environments.

Amprobe’s BT-250 Breaker Tracer

The Amprobe BT-250 works on powered systems from 90 to 280 VAC and is designed for use in residential and light commercial environments.

Pinpoint Leaks with the Amprobe TMULD-300

When leaks occur they often generate an ultrasonic frequency that is beyond human hearing. Amprobe's TMULD-300 converts these sounds into an audible range for easy detection.

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