HDL3000 Series AC/DC Power Supplies

XP Power’s power supplies provide programmable output voltage and current for a flexible solution

Image of XP Power's HDL3000 Series AC/DC Power SuppliesXP Power’s HDL3000 high-efficiency 3 kW AC/DC power supply series covers nominal outputs from 12 VDC to 400 VDC. All models offer both output voltage programming from 0% to 105% and output current programming between 0% and 105%. Programming is available via I²C bus, voltage (analog), or resistance.

With power up to 3,000 W, and higher voltage outputs, the flexibility of the HDL3000 can serve a multitude of applications where a controllable, high-power capability is required: such as battery simulation, automation, robotics, lasers, electro-plating, cathodic protection, test and measurement, and specialist LED heating/curing.

Each unit also has a user-selectable auxiliary 5 V / 0.5 A or 9 V / 0.3 A standby output. The nominal output voltage can be trimmed ±5% by an internal potentiometer in addition to the voltage programming function. For higher current requirements, up to five units may be connected in parallel with active current sharing.

The built-in I²C interface enables serial data commands to monitor and control the power supply. Functions include, enable, current share, V program, I program, and 5 V / 9 V standby. An LED indicator on the unit front also provides visual indication of DC OK, output inhibited, output overvoltage, output overload, overtemperature, fan fail, and 5 V/9 V standby fail.

The input-to-output isolation is 3 kVAC, input-to-ground 1.5 kVAC and output to ground 0.5 kVAC. The single-phase input voltage range is 90 VAC to 264VAC. When operating at low-line (<180 VAC) output power is limited to a maximum of 2 kW, while operating at high-line (180 VAC to 264 VAC) provides a maximum output power of 3 kW with 93% efficiency under high-line/full load conditions.

Standards include EMC emissions: EN55032 Class A for conducted and radiated; EMC immunity: EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11. Safety approvals include: IEC-60950-/IEC62368-1, UL60950-1/UL62368-1, and EN60950-1/EN62368-1. All models feature a comprehensive set of protection features including over-temperature, overload, overvoltage, and short-circuit.

The unit utilizes forced-air cooling with intelligent fan speed control to minimize audible noise while offering an operating temperature range from -20°C to +60°C with full power available up to +50°C (derating linearly from 100% at +50°C to 60% at +60°C). Cooling air is drawn from the front of the unit and exits via the rear. The metal housing measures 12.48” x 6.69” x 2.5” (317.0 mm x 170.0 mm x 64.0 mm). All connections are rear-mounted. The operating altitude is up to 3100 m. MTBF is typically 90 khrs based on MIL-HDBK-217F, +25°C GB.

  • Programmable output voltage (0%-105%) and current (0%-105%)
  • Nominal output voltages 12 V to 60 V and 150 VDC / 200 VDC / 250 VDC / 300 VDC / 400 VDC
  • 90 VAC to 264 VAC input
  • ITE safety agency approvals
  • Class A conducted and radiated emissions
  • High efficiency: up to 93%
  • 5 V / 2 A or 9 V / 0.3 A standby output
  • Intelligent fan speed control
  • Fully-featured signals and controls
  • Digital protocol: I²C
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Full power to +50°C
  • MTBF 95 khrs (MIL-HDBK-217F, +25°C GB)
  • 3-year warranty

HDL3000 Series AC/DC Power Supplies

ImagenNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónCantidad disponibleVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 400VHDL3000PS400AC/DC CONVERTER 400V2 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 3000WHDL3000PS48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 3000W3 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 150VHDL3000PS150AC/DC CONVERTER 150V3 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 250VHDL3000PS250AC/DC CONVERTER 250V3 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 200VHDL3000PS200AC/DC CONVERTER 200V3 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 3000WHDL3000PS24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 3000W3 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 300VHDL3000PS300AC/DC CONVERTER 300V3 - InmediataVer detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 36V 3000WHDL3000PS36AC/DC CONVERTER 36V 3000W0Ver detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 30V 3000WHDL3000PS30AC/DC CONVERTER 30V 3000W0Ver detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 60V 3000WHDL3000PS60AC/DC CONVERTER 60V 3000W0Ver detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 2400WHDL3000PS12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 2400W0Ver detalles
AC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2400WHDL3000PS15AC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2400W0Ver detalles
Publicado: 2020-10-29