92020 Power-Pole FPGA Controller Assembly for the Power Electronics Lab

Vishay is a proud provider of the hardware for the Power Electronics Lab, based on the approach in the textbook Power Electronics - Converters, Applications and Design

Images of Vishay Dale's 92020 Power-Pole Electronics FPGA Controller AssemblyVishay Dale's FPGA-based control printed circuit assembly (PCA) is a standalone controller for performing experiments in the Power Electronics Lab, based on the approach in the textbook Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design, written by Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, and William P. Robbins; and the Electric Drives Lab, based on the approach in the textbook Electric Machines and Drives: A First Course by Ned Mohan.

The controller is equipped with an analog/digital interface compatible with the Power-Pole PCA to facilitate various PWM control functions without requiring the use of an interfacing PC.

This product is commonly used with Vishay product number 75771 (37-pin DSUB cable) and 87784 (8-pin encoder cable). Both cables are also used in Power Electronics Lab experiments.


  • Programmable onboard analog-to-digital converter for performing digital closed-loop experiments
  • Pre-programmed for performing Power Electronics Lab experiments
  • 10-key keypad and LCD interface as a user interface
  • Breadboard cable provided for additional prototyping signal conditioning circuitry
  • Programmable for custom user applications

92020 Power-Pole Electronics FPGA Controller Assembly

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Publicado: 2015-11-18