VL-EPM/VCM-DAS, PC/104™ / PC/104-Plus Expansion Modules

VersaLogic's modules are designed for process control, Ethernet, and industrial for harsh environments

Image of Versalogic VL-EPM/VCM-DAS, PC/104 / PC/104-Plus Expansion modulesVersaLogic's VL-EPM-E2 is an embedded PC/104-Plus format expansion module featuring high-performance networking capabilities. With two autodetect 10BaseT / 100BaseTX Ethernet ports, industrial temperature operation, and extensive ruggedization, the VL-EPM-E2 is an ideal expansion solution for embedded applications in harsh industrial, energy, defense/aerospace, medical, and robotics environments.

The VL-EPM-P2 expansion module provides dual Mini PCIe socket expansion for any PC/104-Plus or PCI-104 embedded system. With a small footprint and industrial temperature operation, the VL-EPM-P2 provides versatile PCI Express® Mini Card expansion for small form factor embedded systems.

The VL-EPM-V7 module provides video and I/O expansion capabilities for PC/104-Plus embedded systems. It provides VGA and LVDS display outputs to PC/104-Plus embedded systems. An on-board Mini PCIe socket accommodates plug-in modules such as A/D converters, Ethernet, Wi-Fi modems, MIL-STD-1553, and other devices.

The VCM-DAS-3 I/O module provides 16 channels of 12-bit resolution analog outputs along with 24 digital I/O lines on a single PC/104 module. The rugged VCM-DAS-3 is designed to provide capabilities beyond what is presently available on the market while maintaining drop-in compatibility with current industry standards. Ideal applications include process control, closed-loop servo control, and motor control.

  • PC/104, PC104-Plus form factor
  • Industrial temperature (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Meets MIL-STD-202G specifications to withstand high impact and vibration
  • Add I/O and storage functions
  • Manufactured to IPC-A-610 Class 2 standards, 3 options
  • Modules available: video, IO expansion, Ethernet, dual mini PCIe adapter, power supply, 48-channel DIO, data acquisition and control, analog output + digital I/O
  • Operating software supported: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Embedded Win Std 7, Windows Embedded Win XPe, Linux
  • Process control
  • Closed-loop servo control
  • Motor-control
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi modems
  • Harsh industrial
  • Energy
  • Defense/aerospace
  • Medical
  • Robotics environments

VL-EPM/VCM-DAS, PC/104™ / PC/104-Plus Expansion Modules

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PC/104-PLUS, ETVL-EPM-P2EPC/104-PLUS, ETminiPCIe39 - InmediataVer detalles
PC/104-PLUS, POWER SUPPLY 50 WVL-EPM-PS1APC/104-PLUS, POWER SUPPLY 50 WFuente de alimentación21 - InmediataVer detalles
PC/104-PLUS, ET, 10/100, 2 PORTVL-EPM-E2DPC/104-PLUS, ET, 10/100, 2 PORTEthernet45 - InmediataVer detalles
PC/104,ET, 16 ANALOG, 24 DIGITALVCM-DAS-3APC/104,ET, 16 ANALOG, 24 DIGITALD/A y E/S digital26 - InmediataVer detalles
SBC EXPANSION MODULE PC/104+VL-EPM-V7ESBC EXPANSION MODULE PC/104+Tarjeta de video/módulo4 - InmediataVer detalles
Publicado: 2018-10-29