Ultra Stable X8R and X8L Dielectric SMD MLCCs

KEMET's ultra stable MLCCs, the latest in high temperature dielectric technology

Image of Kemet's Ultra Stable X8R and X8L Dielectric SMD MLCCsKEMET's Ultra Stable X8R and X8L dielectric SMD MLCCs feature a 150°C maximum operating temperature. These capacitors are a reliable choice for extreme temperature applications such as down hole (oil exploration), automotive (under hood), military, and aerospace. Both platforms are environmentally friendly and in compliance with RoHS legislation (RoHS 6/6). In addition, these devices are offered in both commercial and automotive grades with 100% pure matte tin-plated terminations that allow for excellent solderability

The Ultra Stable X8L Dielectric MLCCs offer an operating temperature range from -55°C to +150°C with capacitance shift limited to ±15% from -55°C to +125°C and +15%/-40% from 125°C to 150°C.

The Ultra Stable X8R MLCCs offer the same temperature capability as the conventional X8R series but without the capacitance loss due to applied DC voltage. This dielectric is a suitable replacement for higher capacitance and larger footprint devices that fail to offer capacitance stability.

Six standard package options are available, including EIA 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, and 1812 case sizes. Devices are available in DC voltage ratings of 25V, 50V, and 100V with capacitance offerings ranging from 10pF to 0.22µF. Capacitance tolerance offerings include ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10% and ±20% with capacitance shift limited to ±15% from -55°C to +150°C.

Ultra Stable X8R and X8L Dielectric SMD MLCCs

ImagenNúmero de pieza del fabricanteDescripciónVoltaje nominalCoeficiente de temperaturaCantidad disponible
CAP CER 470PF 50V X8R 0603C0603C471K5HACTUCAP CER 470PF 50V X8R 060350VX8R6540 - InmediataVer detalles
CAP CER 10000PF 25V X8R 0805C0805C103K3HACTUCAP CER 10000PF 25V X8R 080525VX8R43720 - InmediataVer detalles
CAP CER 0.047UF 100V X8R 1206C1206C473J1HACTUCAP CER 0.047UF 100V X8R 1206100VX8R2103 - InmediataVer detalles
CAP CER 0.1UF 100V X8R 1210C1210C104J1HACTUCAP CER 0.1UF 100V X8R 1210100VX8R1771 - InmediataVer detalles
CAP CER 0.018UF 25V X8L 0402C0402C183K3NACTUCAP CER 0.018UF 25V X8L 040225VX8L0Ver detalles
CAP CER 0.047UF 25V X8L 0603C0603C473K3NACTUCAP CER 0.047UF 25V X8L 060325VX8L440 - InmediataVer detalles
CAP CER 0.47UF 25V X8L 0805C0805C474K3NACTUCAP CER 0.47UF 25V X8L 080525VX8L2141 - InmediataVer detalles
CAP CER 1UF 25V X8L 1206C1206C105K3NACTUCAP CER 1UF 25V X8L 120625VX8L0Ver detalles
CAP CER 3.3UF 25V X8L 1210C1210C335K3NACTUCAP CER 3.3UF 25V X8L 121025VX8L1471 - InmediataVer detalles
Publicado: 2010-06-23